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Web Copywriting+

Because one of the goals I need to tick off for 2013 is to establish a sustainable raket, I came up with the idea of combining my online marketing/seo writing expertise AND my husband’s design and conceptualization skills.

Please welcome, Web Copywriting+ : Writing for the web with a ย kick of SEO!

seo web copywriting

Some facts about us and the work we do:

  • We work in tandem as husband-and-wife. Both with full-time day jobs. So this serves as our part-time gig.
  • My husband is involved in design: branding, logos, magazine layout, print materials, etc. – mostly catering to food and dining businesses
  • We like both short-term and long-term projects – depending on work requirements and of course, our availability.
  • We cater to small/start-up businesses. At a competitive price, we can serve you with a good online branding and presence. Remember, before you had Facebook – your website is your main real estate. It’s important to focus on your base.
  • We do these from home and we seldom do meet-ups unless highly crucial for the project. We’re home buddies ๐Ÿ™‚ But you can count on our reliability.

When we’re not freelancing, we just keep house, cook, bake, watch dvds, and snuggle ๐Ÿ™‚ Did I say we’re home buddies?

Contact me to discuss your needs.

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