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Anger Management for Managers

There is nothing more challenging for a manager to manage than his own anger tendencies. I should know, I’m caught in this job situation right now. Sure, a manager has less execution work but has more decision-making responsibilities to handle. It kinda sounds easy at first… not until you get questioned for every decision you make. Add to that is the fact that you know what you’re doing but your boss thinks, otherwise. You deal with micro-management and macro-expectations.

That’s what really kills me. Work is doable, fine. But the constant encounters with bosses and egos get into my nerves everyday – without fail. Consequently, my spoiled enthusiasm and furious mood have affected my productivity and ability to focus on what’s more important.

How to Control your Temper: Management 101

anger management for managers

And so I have made the deliberate decision to choose not to react negatively in times when my SEO nature is being challenged. I cannot change how my boss thinks. He’s got the last say. I can only voice out my side.

If you’re caught in a similar situation, take heed in some of my temper-control tips for managers.

  1. Smile. Greet your boss as he enters the meeting room, or when you see him down the office hall. Smiling steps you on the ground of good vibes immediately.
  2. Pause and breathe before reacting to a negative comment. If you sense a less-than-sunny feedback from your superior, hold yourself before responding – especially if you will be on the defensive side. Remember that your body language says a lot more than your speech. So it’s essential to keep your cool.
  3. Try taking criticisms constructively. I know this is better said than done. But just the same, give your boss the benefit of the doubt. Believe that he wants only the best for the project, for the company.
  4. If you think you know better, but your boss insists his own strategy – let it go! Yes, go ahead and let him have his way no matter how ridiculous the idea is. Just make sure you voice out politely and clearly why you think otherwise.
  5. Noted. Happy to serve! I always say this joke after an irate email from the boss or after coming out of a gruelling 2-hour meeting. Sounds like one of those SM Hypermarket merchandisers, isn’t it? But yes, it lightens up my mood easily.

I hope these tips will help some of you who are still in the adjustment period. Management is really more than what it is. There are a lot of crucial decisions to be made, and a lot of explanations to do to your boss or to your client. Nevertheless, I must say this position is slowly shaping my character as a mature person, and refining my ability to manage anger outbursts.

Disclaimer: By the way, I would like to thank a dear friend for opening my eyes to the ugly, and at the same time, amazing side of management. You certainly know the science of keeping your boss happy 🙂

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