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Project 10^100: Make CHANGE Happen

As co-inhabitants of planet earth, and as neighbors to one another – we are equally responsible for the future of the human race. Google took the initiative. The the first step towards this goal is by summing up the best, most brilliant ideas of our generationProject 10^100. A compilation of ideas, proposals, and actions plans shared by you and me –  with the aim of effecting change in the world we live in.

Vote for your best bet – the idea which you think will have the greatest impact to everyone’s lives. Your vote for one of these ideas will help Google’s advisory board to choose up to 5 projects to fund, at which point they’ll launch an RFP process to identify the organization(s) that are best suited to implementing them.

As a Filipino, I am biased for the propositions that are most needed by my country – Disaster Preparedness (that we have lacked as proven by Ondoy), Good governance, and Micro-entrepreneurship. Check out my best bets below and vote, yes vote for a better tomorrow:

My top choices are in yellow fill.

Project 10

I woke up this morning planning to blog about some quarter-life issue of mine. Until I opened my mail box and found an interesting link – Project 10^100. That was then I realized I’m not the only human being in this world going through life’s issues.  A million, billion earthlings are in the mercy of the hand of destruction. The planet is at high risk. And we have all taken a role in its slow death. If you want to make a difference, or at least owe the accountability – make your vote today.

Make CHANGE happen.



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