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Valentine Baked Treats and Recipes!

Happy Heart’s Day, everyone!

Let’s show some lurvvvvve today with my ‘Valentine Baking Recipe’ finds 🙂 Click the links to read each recipe.

I’ll let you in on a secret… every weekend, when I come home to the family house, I am now able to resist my usual weekend afternoon nap in exchange for some baking therapy… Yes, baking has become therapeutic for me. After a stressful work week of keeping clients happy, coming home to an opportunity to create something “offline” is relieving. The aroma of pastry around the kitchen is heavenly 🙂

Plus, I get to please the family with newly-baked treats. My youngest sister tells me she brings my treats to school as her “baon” and then asks her classmates to grade it. Well, my highest so far is 97, and the lowest one is 85 (if I remember it right, hehe). Not bad. This week, she has the full school week down with cupcakes, haha!

So this special heart’s day, I’m sharing some of my dream choco-induced Valentine recipes we can all do at home with the oven 🙂

Note: Hi Sweetie! I know you want this!

Bailey’s Chocolate Mouse

Red Velvet Cupcakes

Dark Chocoalate and Orange Cake

Easy Chocolate Cupcakes

Eto the best!

Chocolate Spice Cupcakes!


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