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Last Day of Single-hood!

Sigh.. Tell me why am I feeling this way? In a few minutes after this post, I will be packing my bags for the hotel after the wedding. I know my mom cries at night, and I can’t sleep either. That feeling when suddenly life turns on a new direction and you begin to look back to the journey that has been.

For everything, I am ever thankful to God for blessing me with such a meaningful and rich single life. I can only be grateful for my parents and my family who have loved and supported me all through my 28 years of life. My dearest bestest-best-friends who have inspired me to be strong and be the woman I am now. I do not have too many friends like other people, but I believe I have been given the best bunch on earth! You know who you are, marses!!

Of course, I thank the Lord for the experiences and lessons He has allowed in my life. These have brought forth my character and faith in Him that truly, the best is always yet to come. I have immensely enjoyed and savored my single life. To be single is good, and fulfilling. But now I am embarking on a new adventure – married life and soon, motherhood. People say it’ll turn your life upside down – a total 360-degree turn. I am quiet scared actually, but excited at the same time. If God has been good to us, how can He abandon us this time around?

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deuteronomy 31:8 

There are just some things I will really miss. One of these is going home every weekend to my family. Who wouldn’t want to wake up at 8:30 on a weekend where your breakfast is served already? And also, the freedom of travel. Travel has taught me a lot about my level of self-reliance when everything you see around you is new. When you’re single and you travel alone or with friends, there’s nothing else to worry about but how to get the most fun out of the experience. I think this new thing in my life will definitely put a halt on my traveling spree – hopefully temporarily.

It’s going to be a new set of responsibilities – much heavier than I could think of. As they say no one is truly 100% prepared for married life, my only prayer is that we all get out of this alive. Haha!

Cheers for that one happy single-hood I shared with you!

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Can I just say that I’m genuinely happy with my life right now? Yes, this is another feel good post. But I just want to share the teeming river of contentment and gratitude I feel within simply because it overwhelms me.

At this age (proud to be 28 in a few months), I am blessed to have finally come to a point when I can honestly answer the question: what makes me happy? There is a difference between being happy because of something external, versus being happy because you know why and what causes it. I feel like I have stopped the search for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow because I am fully content with the sunshine and the rain around me.

Maximized Potentials

I define my happiness as the realization that yes, I am fulfilling my calling. A lot to do with this is my career. Not so much because of the monetary figures, but more on the opportunity to use what has been given to me, to do what I am good at – and (a plus factor) is the fact that I am working with good people and my closest friends – everyday.

Better Relationships

No matter how successful we get, the quality of our relationships is still the bottom line. When I think about it, rather than whining about what I cannot yet achieve in life, I should be basking in the glory of having a good family, a loyal set of friends, and by just being in the right relationship. You know at this age, it means a lot when you have finally reached the conclusion (with eyes and mind wide-open) that indeed, you are with the right person. I cannot be happier.

Developing Character

I’ve made up my mind this Lent to fast from burning my fuse. Sure, we all get angry for different triggers – but I’d like to keep my stress button hidden somewhere far, far away that I will no longer be aware it ever existed. I still do get furious especially when faced with hurtful situations, but I am vowing not to burn the whole house down because of my lack of self-restraint. I think this has done some good in my relationships with people, as well.

To finally know what makes you happy is the first step to contentment. I still have that dream of working “Down Under”, but if it doesn’t come – I’m perfectly fine with it. As long as I have that work-life balance, pleasant relationships, and that peace of mind we all long for – I’m good. I’m okay. I am happy.

But most of all, I am in complete gratitude because I have a great God.

Luke 1:46. And Mary said: “My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord;



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20 Things to do While Jobless

So I am hitting my 30th-day of being officially unemployed. I must say that it’s a combination of relief and at times a bit of boredom despite the crazy holiday events. Upon my third week, I’m workaholic quite itching to start doing office work already. But then again, I know there are people who would like to trade places with me even for a whole month. So I guess, I should just get on and enjoy this other side of the fence.

Here are 20 things you can do while jobless. I’ve ticked the box beside some of these items, while others are waiting to be… ready, set, go!

1. Blog, and do it often! Hence, my 20-things-to-do-while-jobless. Riz, actually was the one who encouraged me to blog more.

2. Bake! This one hobby I promise to fulfill this year. Brownies are the specialty this month 🙂

3. Watch your favorite shows (full season). I like Raising Hope and The New Girl. I just need to find the complete season for these two loves 🙂

4. Read the books you meant to read. I like trips to book sales and old book stores. My most prized books come from paperback sales, really.

5. Movie-marathon. Bride Wars = all time favorite (much to the scare of the boyfriend, hihi!)

6. Exercise: Jog, Cycle, Yoga.

7. Go scrap-booking!!! I like the non-digital version – it warms the heart so.

8. Sleep. Take on all the needed zzz’s you lost during those high-powered afternoon meetings.

9. Email all your friends whom you lost touch with. It’s still more personal than Facebook.

10. Help mom with the house chores. She’ll thank you so.

11. Pick up your dream DIY project that has been lying around the corner – this one I have yet to accomplish!

12. Water the plants, and see them grow in 30 days!

13. Set up your own online business. Sell everything from clothes, to trinkets, to food stuff, etc. Market them on your social network sites.

14. Book a vacation! Yes, go and pick the lowest air-fare that you can afford and fly! Remember, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

15. Go caffeine-free. You have all the license in the world to do this since you do not have too much work to keep you alert every moment of the day. Try tea.

16. Craft your next online marketing plan. I know this sounds like work. But you know, it can help you big time in saving a lot of time and effort once you start your job again (in my case, imma SEO).

17. Offer to baby-sit your nephew or niece. Really nice hanging around kids. They can put some sunshine on a dull day.

18. Cook for your sweetie! I know of busy urbanites who’d prefer a take-out meal or delivery instead of producing a home-cooked meal to serve for a dinner date. It’s really EFFORT to cook on weekdays. So now is the perfect time to impress your guy with your foodie skills.

19. Start a daily devotional. If you haven’t yet, this is a good time to get that rhythm of grace before hitting the day. You can even go on a spiritual retreat if you feel the need to do it – ala “Eat,Pray,Love”

20. Do nothing. Yep, you read it right! This is what vacations are for, right? So be an official bum!

Getting your own self back in shape – physically, emotionally, and spiritually can help you carve a better perspective on life once you rejoin the rat race. I must say this extended vacation (a.k.a. unemployment) is a welcome break. Although I am eager to start work already, I am happy to say I can make delicious brownies 🙂


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Best Christmas Gift of the Year

As Christ is humanity’s best Christmas gift for all eternity, I wanted to mention a “second-best-almost-number-one” gift for this year’s Christmas season. It’s the gift of community.

I’ve been serving in the Singles For Christ community for the past 6 years already. I’m not the ideal Christian single to begin with, but this community has subjected me to be that “work in progress”. Learning to love one another despite of differences is already a manifestation of Christ’s transforming love. I wish I could say the same to my boss, hehe!

We won best chapter in South, Manila!

Anyway back to the gift, this year we won the Best Chapter Award in the South (of Manila). It may be nothing for some in terms of fame or prestige. But we truly value it because of all the hard work, sacrifices, and of course God’s faithfulness to His plan and mission for us.

The problems we had in the beginning are now non-existent as we close the year. The issues we had are now things of the past. We have more single men and women joining and serving the poor. Most especially, we are blessed to have better, and more loving relationships as brothers and sisters.

Personally, the recognition impacts me tremendously. Sure, it was a reward for all the effort but more than anything else, winning it for our group is like the brightest light in my Christmas tree. Despite my frustrations at work or in some other areas of my life, God has been so grand in delivering His promise of a fulfilled mission.

This is more than enough. God is truly more than enough for me 🙂

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Surrender at 27

Yes, 27 years of BEAUTIFUL existence. Happy birthday to me!

I’m entitling this post as such because I feel this is the Lord’s message to me, especially the past few weeks. It really is a good point to remember not only today but whenever I get caught up in my own worrying and faulty decision-making skills. I’m only human.

I love to dream. And to the best of my ability, I make sure they come true. But sometimes, our dreams and plans fall short of what is truly reserved for us. On that part, it becomes the most challenging to me – to accept that there is something much better, bigger than what I can ever dream of.

And to surrender to that which beyond my imagination is hard. I for instance would always say that I will certainly do my best, and would leave to God the rest. But after not getting what I want, I whine and complain without understanding that part of my decision to surrender is to accept the outcome for whatever it is. I realized after reading this week’s reflection that to surrender is to mean that:

1. You are open to God’s version of your dream. *Jeremiah 29:11

2. You let go of your own timetable and just leave it up to Him. *Ecclesiastes 3:1

I learned that if your dream consumes you to the point where you think you will never be happy unless you get what you want – that is not surrendering.

For the past weeks I felt so unsettled, and disturbed inside. It’s as if something is lacking in my life despite the numerous blessings… like I do not wish to function daily unless that thing I want is finally given to me. And that is SAD.

And real exhausting.

So today on my 27th year, I have decided to surrender more of me and more of my plans to Him. Let it be that the more years added to my life, the more shall I give my trust completely to God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” 

– Proverbs 3:5 

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What’s next?

For weeks I’ve been bugged with so much concern over the question, “What will happen next?” I understand when people say worry won’t help and would actually generate more anxiety in the present situation. But sometimes all these unexpected changes can take its toll on my self-preservation efforts that I end up waking up way ahead of my morning alarm hour.

I’ve been facing off with thoughts about growing up and moving forward. It feels like I’m the next person to take the step in a queue. Every one’s expected to move and take on the next level, lest life leaves you behind. Is this a phase one has to undergo many, many times? ‘Coz trust me, I’ve been here before but it still feels like the first time (same scared ass!). Oh how true that CHANGE is the only thing that remains constant.

There is one thing though that proves to be more challenging (well, for me) than adopting to change. It is WAITING. To stay put is an agonizing task, especially when you want to get it over and done with. While I trust that God will lead me to a place outside my comfort zone but one that is right for me, it is just human nature to ask what’s next, what lies ahead. It makes waiting even worse when you sense that it’s really all that is required of you for now…

So what now for a twenty-something like me who needs to make choices while she wonders about keeping her career stable, saving enough for the future, and making sure she’s with the right person?

Tell me, it’s just a phase.

“Be still and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

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QLC episode 1: worried much?

I can’t believe QLC-ing has led me to return back to my blog (and change my header in polka dots 🙂 ).

Oh not another case of an impatient bride…

After reading quite a number of books about handling QLC and how-NOT-to-be an impatient bride, I am caught in this stage of a woman’s life where the pressure is stronger than thy logical thinking, hehe. I believe I do not exactly have super valid reasons to rush. The thing is almost all of my closest girl friends are either getting married, getting engaged, or having babies! Go check my Facebook feed, eck! I’m sure women in there mid to late 20’s have heard this rant a thousand times before over coffee and sleepovers. Pero totoo pala yun, ano? I feel like it’s inevitable and you can’t miss it like your monthly period unless the ovary has met a foreign visitor 😛

To be honest, I am still really not sure if I am ready for marriage and family life – what with all the responsibilities that come with it! But this certain phenomena that is taking over my carefree 20-ish life is pressuring me (wellnot to go ahead and propose to my bf – that’s crazy!), but to start thinking seriously.

That’s the issue, I guess… I do not like to think too much, too seriously.

I get bugged by this little voice inside of me saying: “Everybody’s levelling up! So you should start mapping out your life plans NOW!” And of course, if you have undergone discernment and is pretty sure you are for married life – it becomes even more stressful! Regardless if you’re single or with someone, you cannot force somebody to marry you at your own set deadline (unless he wants to, of course). But for most men I know when it comes to tying the knot, they know fully well that the ball is in their court – and we can only do something up to a point. Sorry, ladies.

worried to plan

But for me, I think my QLC lies on the line of worrying how am I supposed to prepare for the future. Although I am a routine person, and I like planning ahead, this kind of planning makes me feel queasy. It’s a bit uncomfortable counting the costs that it’ll take to picture out the perfect family life that I want. Oo na ambisyosa na’ko! But why not? If it’s for your children, it is just right that you seek only the best. It only becomes bad if it’s giving you too much anxiety you tend to worry much – WHICH IS WHAT THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT, BY THE WAY. Hehe.

So if you are in the same dilemma, would you kindly share your thoughts and advice on how to deal with it?

Comments are definitely appreciated 🙂

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