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A Father’s Love for my Daughter

My eyes were all wet when I chanced upon Jenni Eperson’s blog post about his dad. Read the birthday letter she got from her dad below:

How I wish Summer can write something as profound as this one when she grows up. Thinking about his dad’s love for her, I can’t help but get so excited – and emotional at the same time. I pray that they’ll have a meaningful and positive father-daughter relationship. Because Jenni’s words were true when she said that:

“A father and daughter relationship has the profoundest of bearings on whether or not we grow up to be happy, serene, healthy, fulfilled individuals. The way in which a father interacted with his daughter as she was growing up is a major factor in how a woman’s nervous system is wired, which in turn impacts her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, her self-image, her view of the world, and the ease – or otherwise – with which she loves and trusts as a woman.”

As early as now, I can see how much my husband adores our little girl – to the point of spoiling her (much to my protest!). He won’t think twice about buying that expensive-toy-kingdom-version-of-Barney-the-dinosaur-stuff-toy, while I manage to ramble about how cheaply I could get that with just one trip to Divisoria. Summer can never tell the difference, anyway.

Truly, a wife will love his husband more when he becomes a father. It is awesome to witness a man’s outpouring of love and his tender weakness towards his child. I hope someday, Summer will know about his dad making all sorts of Photoshop work of her when he misses her… his excitement to come home to kiss and play with his baby… his habit of bringing home pasalubong (Mcdo fries, fake Elsa doll, slippers with light and sound, etc.) for her… and his urgency to bring her to the hospital at the slightest weirdness of health.

I long to see the day when our daughter will give thanks and praise to his dearest, loving daddy πŸ™‚


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My Baby is 6-months Old!

How time flies and my little one is now 6-months old!

Feels like it’s also some kind of an achievement for me because that means I am half-way through the year of being a mom. Mommyhood sounds like my favorite chapter of life as of present time. It has revealed my strengths (and weaknesses) unknown to me before. And it has also put my energies into some worthy direction, hehe!

Enough about that. I am blogging today to document some of little Summer’s photos. Thanks to my husband who has been an eager photographer lately πŸ™‚ Sorry for this image-overloaded post!

Summer’s Milestones at month #6:

Can sit with support
Enjoys eating her Cerelac groups 1,2,3
Grabs and holds toys – and puts them inside her mouth!
Makes squealing sounds to get attention – assertive, kid!
Recognizes familiar faces – especially mommy and daddy
Plays by herself with her playgym
Rolls over and can settle on her stomach
Sleeps less during the day, but sleeps through the night – Yes, God is merciful!
Likes being read to and loves holding/eating her books
Smiles and laughs at the silliest antics
Enjoys the outdoors – especially on weekends!

First time to smile with us for a shot! What a darling!
First time to smile with us for a shot! What a darling!

This has got to be my favorite photo to date. Melts my heart πŸ™‚

Rejoice with your family in the beautiful land of life! – Albert Einstein





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The Big Life Update

August flew very fast, and look I missed (among all other things, hehe!) a blog post for August. Does that mean I am disqualified from our mars blogging challenge? πŸ™‚ I feel guilty of not even being able to blog about my awesome back-to-back trips to Hong Kong with my aunts and uncles; and to Potipot with my BFFs for life!

Now September is just a week shy of being over but I struggle not to end it so soon – because I need some more time to work on a big project!

I am getting married this December!

Yup you read that right! And I cannot be more excited about this wonderful turn of events. I am pretty sure a lot of you are asking questions – why so soon? (Akala ko ba pag 30 ka na?!), why didn’t you announce asap? how did the proposal happen? etc..

Well, I think the answer that caps it all is the fact that – I am a few weeks pregnant!!! Gah! This has been the top shocker of the year for me. I’ve seen and heard varied reactions from family mostly. But all my friends have been super supportive and just as excited as I am! I know I should have known better, and really I am not recommending you go this way before marriage, hehehe! Especially when you are not prepared and have not yet fulfilled your aspirations as a single person. But honestly, I cannot be happier for what God has blessed me and Romer with.

Remember the last time I blogged about just being happy and contented at 28? I feel that it was sort of a premonition for me that bigger things are about to happen. It was like a confirmation that yes indeed, I have lived my single hood to my heart’s content and I can’t ask for anything more. Settling down and starting a family is, I think, the next big step for me. If you know me personally, you can attest to the fact that I constantly dream of planning my own wedding. Hehehe! I have this ‘Wedding Folder’ in my laptop since 2008. When my soon-to-be-husband found out about the folder just 2 weeks ago, he was beyond disbelief! πŸ™‚

I am truly elated and happy (did I just mention ‘happy’ again?). I’ve been having a good laugh with my marsmallows aka bridesmaids everyday! I feel so blessed that I get to pick my bestest best friends to be my bridesmaids on my wedding day. It really is a dream come true. Oh I can imagine the fun we’ll have!

Of course as early as now, I want to apologize for those I cannot invite in my event. Pasensya na. Not that I don’t treasure our relationship, it’s just that may limited headcount lang talaga.

Right now, I am going through a series of all-day ‘morning sickness’ and loss of appetite (so weird!). But I pray and motivate myself to keep on going and stay positive no matter what. I feel so loved by well-wishing friends and family. My fiance has been extra loving and caring. But mostly I am inspired by this new life direction that has been laid out before me. I can only be grateful πŸ™‚


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Baby’s Day Out: Part 2

We did another round of going out-cum-babysitting over the weekend. This time, we took in Romer’s only pamangkin for company at Bonifacio High Street. At first, I was quite hesitant to bring the child’s baby bike because it’s too bulky for the commute. It proved me wrong, and actually thanked the lifeless thing for it has saved all of us from going insane!

To soon-to-be-parents: Never underestimate the power of strollers and bikes in terms of convenience.

First stop, we went to Fully Booked’s Kids Section of books. Not sure if our 1.2 months old kiddo is too young to appreciate a library so I started browsing for pop-up musical books. I found a Sesame Street pop-up about a story of a ballerina (and elmo). Each time she opens a page, the music surrounds her to a beat she can’t refuse to bounce into! Babies just naturally love music!

And then we took her out for lunch at Brother’s Burger. The sweet potato fries was an instant hit to the kid. She could not get enough of it! The moment she learned about the wonder of dipping each potato finger in mayo, she just had to dip it before opening her mouth!

You have no idea of the consequences of this eating. A few minutes after, we had to check into the ladies comfort room because the baby just had to soil her nappies! Hehe. Que Horror! Crying Spell + Scream Fest inside a small-packed ladies room with everyone watching while I undid her diapers and cleaned up everything. She wouldn’t stop crying. Baby tabletops for diaper changing should come with colorful toys and soft linens because apparently, it scared the hell out of babies! After the “incident”, the boyfriend no longer wanted to carry her because he said she still smelled like poo. I wonder if my dad was ever like that when we were little. I doubt if he has ever changed a single baby diaper for all four of his children. Hehe.

This was sweetie and the baby pre-poopoo stage. Hehehe! Still frolicking in the fountain, huh? Wait until the kid drops the bomb!

To sum it up, I think we had fun. Baby girl enjoyed her stroll. She has yet to walk on her own so she relished the experience of going from one point to another. We passed baby’s day out – part 2!Β Bonifacio High Street is so family-friendly. The lifestyle though can be quite pricey (exclusive for high-end resto’s only!!!). But I heard they will be putting up a Lenten Feature on “The Walk – Stations of the Cross” very soon. That one is something I look forward to visiting next time. It’s a good place to waste a weekend and just enjoy life.


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Hometown Vacation

I entered into yet another challenge with a good friend for this year. It seems that my 3 posts/mo. promise is all but invalid already, hehehe! So now to feel less guilty, I’m blogging about our recent summer bonding trip as a family in a nearby river+falls resort in Cavite.

The Balite Falls Resort in Amadeo, Cavite is a refreshing escape to anyone as the surroundings definitely has that coolness in the air. The feel of the place makes you want to just doze off! Good thing the river is inviting enough to convince me to take even a short dip. I’m more of a beach person as I’m not fond of cold waters like this one. But for a change, I got in.

Balite Falls Resort

See how relaxing a sight this is!

The river can go as deep as 18ft! The boyfriend tried the whole day but could not muster the courage to swim across the 18ft area, even though it was just a 2-meter distance πŸ™‚ Other visitors (mostly boys with ages ranging 10 up to 40 years old!), were jumping off repeatedly from the cliff of the falls onto the river. My teen-aged cousin did it, but not the boyfriend.. hehehe!

Here we are enjoying a good (and rough!) run down of water from the falls. It was so cold!

What’s nice about the mini-trip to this place was that my parents really were the ones who enjoyed it the most! They went back and forth to the falls area just relishing the coolness of the water. They had a lot of pictures taken together while swimming and frolicking into the waters. Second childhood? Hehehe!

Mom and Dad can't get enough of the waterfalls, hehe!

This outing has made me think. Despite my craving to travel somewhere else hoping I’ll have more fun, I realized doing my share of promoting/accessing the local destinations in my own province or town is just as equally satisfying. A lot of us think that to go outside our own is the only way to get the “best experience”. I guess it can also be just a matter of perspective. As I’ve read in one book, becoming a tourist in your own place even just for a day can change your perspective of your hometown.

I had fun with my family here. Simple, near, and budget-friendly.

What’s your “destination spot” in your own locale? You may want to try it this summer, too!

Being a tourist in my hometown: So there is a cool place like this here πŸ™‚


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