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teh ‘Dream Job’

I know this is way too early, and pretty much destructive at some level(?).

But.. Oh, what I would give to be part of your kick-ass ad agency!!! I’ve been aiming to land in an advertising agency the first day I had my UP Freshman classes. Yes, that bad!

I was HR-interviewed just a few hours ago, and I think I did well (I hope!) 🙂

BBDO Guerrero and Proximity Philippines

I didn’t know BBDO runs the “Lola Techie” commercials; and crafted the ‘Pepsi Pinas‘ concept, which recently went GLOBAL!

From the time I got inside their office, I had a feeling this is a hub of free-flowing creative juices from some of the best minds in the country. With a colorful mural up on one wall, and cute little table lamps like the one they have in Playhouse Digital. I cannot wait to snatch a seat and draft one of those online marketing plans I’ve been manufacturing day in-day out.

But the post they’re offering isn’t one in the Creative dept (sad-sad).

Although whatever job position I get into as long as it has the BBDO seal, I know I’m damn lucky 🙂

On another note, I took the liberty of checking out their site and I came up with a few recommendations.

Sometimes I feel that being a SEO has made me susceptible to acquire this type of virus: the tendency to point out how you can further optimize your site/blog.

  • Use meaningful permalinks
  • Create keyword-rich tags and blog categories
  • Integrate social media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (for your TV/vid ads)
  • Instead of Archives > Use Recent Posts – aids readers to find topic of interest + it’s good for content optimization
  • You can actually make Pages for “Careers” & “Contact Us” – good for leads, inquiries, etc.

So there. Just in case you need a Search Specialist in your Digital Marketing Dept – just twit @romzkeepomski

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Surrender at 27

Yes, 27 years of BEAUTIFUL existence. Happy birthday to me!

I’m entitling this post as such because I feel this is the Lord’s message to me, especially the past few weeks. It really is a good point to remember not only today but whenever I get caught up in my own worrying and faulty decision-making skills. I’m only human.

I love to dream. And to the best of my ability, I make sure they come true. But sometimes, our dreams and plans fall short of what is truly reserved for us. On that part, it becomes the most challenging to me – to accept that there is something much better, bigger than what I can ever dream of.

And to surrender to that which beyond my imagination is hard. I for instance would always say that I will certainly do my best, and would leave to God the rest. But after not getting what I want, I whine and complain without understanding that part of my decision to surrender is to accept the outcome for whatever it is. I realized after reading this week’s reflection that to surrender is to mean that:

1. You are open to God’s version of your dream. *Jeremiah 29:11

2. You let go of your own timetable and just leave it up to Him. *Ecclesiastes 3:1

I learned that if your dream consumes you to the point where you think you will never be happy unless you get what you want – that is not surrendering.

For the past weeks I felt so unsettled, and disturbed inside. It’s as if something is lacking in my life despite the numerous blessings… like I do not wish to function daily unless that thing I want is finally given to me. And that is SAD.

And real exhausting.

So today on my 27th year, I have decided to surrender more of me and more of my plans to Him. Let it be that the more years added to my life, the more shall I give my trust completely to God.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding.” 

– Proverbs 3:5 

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Home over Office

Today, I have decided to work from home since the holiday falls on a Tuesday – which means Monday (a working day) is squeezed between the weekend, and a holiday. I can only be grateful to my boss who allows a work-from-home set up every now and then. The challenge really is for me to work more productively inspite of the lure of the TV and bed.

The Work-from-Home Scenario

Two years ago, I did a work from home job. It had a lot of advantages because it not only paid well, but I had my expenses reduced. No fast food chain visits. My mom cooks my meals. No sudden-shopping sprees because I do not pass through malls unlike when I commute to Makati. The best part is, I had full control over my time – taking into consideration my “productive hours” versus my “hapuntukin hours”. Working from home also gave me an opportunity to try other things like an online business of my own, and I was able to help the family set up our own laundry business. However, just like everything in life, nothing is perfect – hence the down side of not being able to talk and bond with people my age. No coffee dates, or girl friend ‘presscons’ over lunch. It stunted that aspect of my growth, I must say.

Office Life today

After much thinking, and an offer from a good friend, I have now returned to the office life! It’s been so much fun but of course the hassle of daily commute and Makati-induced expenses have returned! I’m not complaining though, I love my routine and the friends I have in the work place. Though lately, I’ve been thinking of how it’s gonna be like 2 to 3 years from now.

How about in the Future?

Probably, I would be starting a family of my own when that time comes. And as we all know, most wives or moms today would prefer a work-from-home set up so they can take care of the family. There’s nothing like raising your own child to become a better citizen one day. I strongly believe (and encourage!) the improvement of the race. Hence I’d rather stay home and work on my kids, instead of losing all 9 hours of the day over a job. However, given the economic demands of family life, one can’t help but consider the cost that comes with it. My fear is that I may not able to get an equally good-paying opportunity once I decide to work from home. I know it sounds crazy to be too much worried way, way ahead of time. But I can’t help it. You see I’ve been checking several telecommuting jobs, mostly writing gigs, and they what? Pay you like $2 per 500-word article?! Ano yan less than a hundred pesos??

Outsourcing has done a lot of good to the Philippines, but I do hope they would look into the quality of our service rather than choosing to discount. Not only will it do good for their brand, but moms will be equally happy 🙂

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The cons of being home based.

So this is the little sad part of doing a home-based job.

I can’t see my Manila-based friends anytime. Can’t attend short notice dinner dates.

“Of course, I’m the perfect person for the job. Only that the job isn’t perfect for me.” – note to self all the time! Can’t handle 2 full time jobs… even if I’d love to.

No Internet signal – thanks to SmartBro the Amazing Broadband! Poor customer support.

I miss the freedom of choice. The less-routine-like life.

No Starbucks here in Gen. Trias, Cavite. Poor. Me.

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