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Chasing Harry Winston: A Book Review

With all the Royal Wedding hype about to simmer down, I’m sure women all over the world got their own share of thoughts when it came to engagement and marriage. So this book review cannot be timelier than now.

Lauren Weisberger’s Chasing Harry Winston was an easy and light read, perfect for the beach and plane ride. To be honest I found it quite boring in the beginning. The author failed to sustain all the excitement a girl must have felt upon flipping the first few pages. Nevertheless, I resigned to finishing the book and found it hilariously fun!

The Characters

It’s about a girl friend trio (Leigh, Emmy, and Adriana) whose lives are rooted in New York City (how fab!). All three are nearing the big 3-0 yet all are hopelessly caught in a losing streak of keeping a solid, loving commitment. The first time the book was handed to me by a fellow girl friend, I was asked to figure out which of the characters come closest to my personality. Well, I think it’s a bit of Emmy – always e-stalking the ex hehe!

Anyway, here are 5 issues you would certainly go hungry for details in the book:

  • Is it really possible for a woman not to love and marry an almost perfect-fits-my-checklist-kind-of boyfriend?
  • How can one be 100% successful in achieving the perfect balance of flirtatious + mysterious?
  • Do women really dream of the time when their stupid ex will ask them back again? (For revenge purposes only, of course)
  • Are women capable of emotionless-non-committal-sex? If so, how long can we last it?
  • Do they (the trio) really wish to get married at the age of 30?

Here’s an excerpt from the book:

“Honey, what’s wrong?” she crooned, gathering Emmy’s teardampened hair from her face into a ponytail. “What happened?”

The show of concern brought with it a fresh stream of tears; Emmy was sobbing so hard her tiny body trembled. Leigh ran through the possibilities of what could cause such pain, and came up with only three: a death in the family, a pending death in the family, or a man.

“Sweetie, is it your parents? Did something happen to them? To Izzie (her sister)?”

Emmy shook her head.

“Talk to me, Emmy. Is everything okay with Duncan?”

This elicited a wail so plaintive it hurt Leigh to hear it. Bingo.

“Over,” Emmy cried, her voice catching in her throat. “It’s over for good.”

Emmy had made this pronouncement no fewer than eight times in the five years she and Duncan had been dating, but something about tonight seemed different.

“Honey, I’m sure it’s all just — “

“He met someone.”

“He what?” Leigh dropped her arms and sat back on her ankles.

“I’m sorry, let me rephrase: I bought him someone.”

“What on earth are you talking about?”

“Remember when I got him a membership at Clay for his thirty-first birthday because he was desperate to get back in shape? And then he never went — not one fucking time in two whole years — because, according to him, it wasn’t ‘an efficient use of his time’ to just go and stand on the treadmill? So rather than just cancel the whole damn thing and forget about it, I, genius extraordinaire, decide to buy him a series of sessions with a personal trainer so he wouldn’t have to waste one precious second exercising like everyone else.”

“I think I can see where this is going.”

After the last page it dawned on me how accomplished a woman can be – with or without a man. The book is a sigh of relief for 20-something’s (late 20-something’s, I mean).

Read and enjoy, ladies!

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on Brida, the novel

There’s a certain hour of the day when you say to yourself, “This is it for the day.” Even if you’d like to work just a little longer, and a little bit harder, you simply just can’t anymore. I hate it when I come to that point in my day. I feel so useless and pathetic. It’s like my train of ideas begin trailing off the moment the clock strikes 5:00.

One thing I realized though, it’s better to find some other things to do to take my mind off this terrible hour of the day, instead of sulking about my being unproductive. So i decided to blog, and to contemplate about Paulo Coehlo’s line in his novel “Brida”:

When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.

Do you feel defeated today with the amount of work left undone? Or with having to deal with stress-inducing relationship issues? Are you disappointed with your lack of zeal or enthusiasm towards work and life? Did the mistakes of yesterday get the best of you? Maybe when things become uncomfortable, it is a welcome sign that we are being pushed or lead to a certain direction we ought to take.

Change is good, even if it doesn’t feel so much so.

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