Why I’m a Happy WAHM even without a Yaya!

It’ll be about three weeks running this work-at-home-mom-life sans a yaya or even a household help. Despite my constant ramblings on Facebook about our challenging situation: the daily exhaustion, the blurring lines between work-family time, the demands of my work, plus the uncertainty of a toddler’s mood – I have this confession to make: I LOVE HAVING NO YAYA!

I didn’t expect to feel this way, because in a time when families are busier than ever, having help around is precious commodity. But, I have some good reasons why I am actually happy and thankful we have no yaya in the house:

1) It kind of pushed the ‘on-button’ in terms of team work between me and my husband. We both knew we are set for a long haul on this. For better or for worse, with or without cooked dinner or food delivery: Division of labor it is, baby!

2) Our daughter cries less and less. Whines less frequently because she has mom and dad taking care of her 24/7. And thanks too, to our friendly neighborhood kid who visits Summer to play with her while I do my work or while I clean the bathroom 🙂 Summer is also more independent now. She can play on her own and I think she now understands the concept of her “mommy-working-at-home”.

My favorite pic of daddy and Summy during our first family trip together in Bacolod. Dec 2014

My favorite pic of daddy and Summy during our first family trip together in Bacolod. Dec 2014

3) I get to have a clearer sense of my productivity and energy levels. I am a morning person but because the little one sleeps so late at night, I had to adjust and keep up with her – causing me to wake up late, too. So I get to start work mid-morning for 2-3 hours. Then come back to the computer for another 2 hours once the baby is asleep by 11pm. To save my energy for this setup, I sometimes nap in the afternoon, or I wake up late in the morning.

4) I enjoy having the opportunity to manage household work, actually. I usually do the house cleaning in the evening after dinner. So when we wake up in the morning, the house is already clean. All I need to do is cook our meal for the day + work with my clients.

5) Our house looks more clean and orderly now. Believe it or not, it seems to me that our house is more organized and tidy now that we don’t have a household help. Maybe because strangers don’t really have much concern about a home not their own. They’re always going the “shortcut” in terms of housework.

6) Also, there is no “pakikisama” anymore. When we had yayas, we had issues about food, schedules, even going out, etc. Now, we have all the freedom in the world to decide when and what to eat (btw, we still eat on time!), when to sleep or wake up, and what day of the week we want to drop by the mall 🙂

7) Last and my favorite: I have stopped feeling guilty about frequently eating out or calling for food delivery. Because, hey: I’m not paying for a yaya, anyway!

8) Which leads to: more savings in house and food supplies. The coffee creamer does not magically disappear!

But what I truly treasure about this setup is that it brings us closer as a family. The husband comes home earlier than usual because he knows he’s in charge of giving the little one a bath. I am less interested in taking in more clients or more work because family comes first. Which leads me to my word of the year: ENHANCE.

Enhance what is more important: family time, love traditions, relationship over work.

I know there’ll come to a point when we would actually need a yaya. As what Mommy Topaz says, “If we had all the money in the world, we won’t hire a yaya!” Why not? If we only do not need to work. My husband goes crazy when I get stressed out with this balancing act! Haha! It makes me a bit sad though that we will need a yaya sooner or later. But until that time comes, I will cherish this precious time to be just the 3 of us.

Happy New Year from our family to yours!

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One response to “Why I’m a Happy WAHM even without a Yaya!

  1. Well said, rather, written, rianne. The best part of being yaya less is you discover your own strenght… kaya mo pala magsurvive even without a yaya.. tama ba? sabi nga out of a crisis, something good comes out.. in your case,not just good, but the best of you and romer came out. 🙂

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