A Father’s Love for my Daughter

My eyes were all wet when I chanced upon Jenni Eperson’s blog post about his dad. Read the birthday letter she got from her dad below:

How I wish Summer can write something as profound as this one when she grows up. Thinking about his dad’s love for her, I can’t help but get so excited – and emotional at the same time. I pray that they’ll have a meaningful and positive father-daughter relationship. Because Jenni’s words were true when she said that:

“A father and daughter relationship has the profoundest of bearings on whether or not we grow up to be happy, serene, healthy, fulfilled individuals. The way in which a father interacted with his daughter as she was growing up is a major factor in how a woman’s nervous system is wired, which in turn impacts her physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, her self-image, her view of the world, and the ease – or otherwise – with which she loves and trusts as a woman.”

As early as now, I can see how much my husband adores our little girl – to the point of spoiling her (much to my protest!). He won’t think twice about buying that expensive-toy-kingdom-version-of-Barney-the-dinosaur-stuff-toy, while I manage to ramble about how cheaply I could get that with just one trip to Divisoria. Summer can never tell the difference, anyway.

Truly, a wife will love his husband more when he becomes a father. It is awesome to witness a man’s outpouring of love and his tender weakness towards his child. I hope someday, Summer will know about his dad making all sorts of Photoshop work of her when he misses her… his excitement to come home to kiss and play with his baby… his habit of bringing home pasalubong (Mcdo fries, fake Elsa doll, slippers with light and sound, etc.) for her… and his urgency to bring her to the hospital at the slightest weirdness of health.

I long to see the day when our daughter will give thanks and praise to his dearest, loving daddy 🙂

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