Celebrating Summer’s First Year

Just like any mother, we want to make our child’s first birthday really special. However, I perfectly know that Summer would absolutely not remember her first birthday. And it is most likely that 80% of the guests would be adults. For sure the kid won’t actually enjoy it.

Her birthday falls on a Holy Tuesday (April 15th). So naturally we would be celebrating it on Easter Sunday (April 20th). So I thought Easter could be my go signal to really throw a party in celebration of the Lord’s rising + Summer’s 1st! And what better way to do this but to share the blessings with the less fortunate.

My husband and I decided it’s going to be a Gawad Kalinga (GK) birthday party for Summer!

GK Kids

With our SFC friends, we invited the GK Kids – a community we used to serve in when we were still singles, to celebrate with no other than…. Jollibee!

Meron bang batang hindi nakakakila kay Jollibee?

10299504_10203794915302515_1898366933_nI knew it was going to be a blast for the kids!


Here they are enjoying the “Langhap-sarap” Chicken Joy + Spaghetti meal!


I think the host was under a bit of “happy” stress because 80% of my guests were kids!!

Kabog ang parlor games!


At Jollibee Shell Macapagal, they had a nice set-up. I love the colorful roll of fabric hanging from the ceiling.


We chose the Hello Kitty theme because of the pastel colored banner – just perfect for an Easter theme

photo 4

Jollibee parties are mom-convenient and stress-free. BUT – of course, I wanted to try my hands on a few DIY projects. Jollibee is understanding enough to give room for moms who want to add their own personal touch on their child’s party. Naiintindihan naman nila ang kaartehan ng mga nanay!

It started with the flower pom-poms…

photo…. that ended like a classic Pinterest disaster, hehehe!

It’s supposed to hang on top of the Hello Kitty banner – but it was too ugly to display. Even the crew (politely) agreed! I wanted to throw it away but daddy was creative enough to just use it as part of the cake table’s decor 🙂

photo 3Now here comes the best part. I love loot bags! Auntie Matel accompanied me one Saturday to visit Divisoria to pick up party supplies. That’s when I realized all those online-selling party suppliers are extremely upping their margins! Never believe that their party designs are hard to find – because these things abound in good, o’l Divisoria! From Chevron prints, to polkadots – name it! They’re all there! And they don’t look cheap at all – just their price tags. Go to 168 Mall – 1 floor down the food court and you’ll find this mom haven.

photo 1 (2)

In keeping up with the Easter-polka dot theme, I packed chocolate Nips candies, 8-piece crayon boxes, coloring books, pencils w/ fun erasers, mallow pops, and Easter chocolate eggs.

photo 2

I slowed down on the sweets because I wanted each bag to contain more of the activity/educational items.

For only P1,250 party fee that includes a Jollibee mascot, you have a choice whether you want to order loot bags from Jollibee (P60/each) or bring your own. I think my bags cost around P45/each. Total savings.

My mom bought the cake for Summer. I didn’t order one from Jollibee. I garnished it a bit with some chocolate Nips candies + Summer’s Easter egg toys 🙂

photo 1

For her age, Summer isn’t directly interacting with the kids.


But I can tell she’s happy to see a lot of little ones all gathered in one place! I hope when she grows up, she’ll remember that she celebrated her first birthday with the GK kids. And that she’ll keep it in her heart the value of giving.

967731_10203794958383592_534964500_nOf course, this cannot end without the must-have family portrait with the Philippines’ most popular bubuyog 🙂





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4 responses to “Celebrating Summer’s First Year

  1. Great idea, Rom! Recently attended a Jollibee partey (for the nth time this year!) and me and boypi were discussing that it would be better for the kid to have a really grand party during his/her 7th birthday instead—when he/she old enough to understand and enjoy the moment. Congrats on your successful project (i.e. making the other kids happy as well. the DIY stuff will improve in time. haha)!

  2. Rianne,you sound like a celebrity endorsing their themed party package…next time ask ka na TF from them…hehe

  3. Thanks, Sid! Totally clueless pa si Summer at this age, hehe!

  4. Joni

    Good job, Mommy Romz! Enjoyed Summer’s kiddie party. Medyo maharot lang si Jollibee. Lol 🙂

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