Waiting (Im)patiently: 37 weeks!

I have a group of favorite girl friends and we dub ourselves the #LowEQ Marses!! Why? It’s simply because we can’t stand waiting for life to happen. Whenever there’s a new opportunity or life-changing event that is soon to unfold, we try to find ways to hasten the situation – usually to no avail! Thus, we find our low-EQ selves impatiently waiting for the right time.

And now that I’m soon to pop my first baby in just a few weeks short of a full month, you can imagine the stress of having to wait, wait, and wait!! Even if my OB says she can induce me to give birth on my preferred date, it’s still the best idea to wait until the little one (and my body) are ready for the big day.

preggy at 37 weeks

Me @37 weeks going on 38 now. Notice that my belly is still up too high – and yes, I’m so swollen!!

All my mommy-friends have advised me to get more sleep as much as I can because once the baby arrives, I’ll be joining the zombie party. To make waiting easier, I’ve also been told to move around and walk daily. This they say can help me get the baby into position towards my cervix. Seriously, I’m thinking of getting into a treadmill just to get on with the birth as soon as possible. The only thing stopping me from doing so is the fact that I still have a bunch of SEO reports to submit. Quite anxious about leaving work assignments actually, despite turning over my files in sharp detail = Hashtag, #OC.

Anyway, just to be a bit of help for FTMs (first-time-moms) like me, I’ve sorted out a 15-item checklist to accomplish in case waiting has gotten the best of you in this crucial pre-mom time of your life:

  1. Wash and iron baby clothes
  2. Prepare all your baby’s stuff in his/her cabinet or room
  3. Prepare hospital bag. You can refer to this list (promise essentials lang yan)
  4. Sort out all healthcare and legal documents to bring in separate envelopes/folders
  5. Make sure you have extra copies of your birth plan, admission slip from the OB, ultrasound results
  6. Make sure your digital camera is ready for the big event.
  7. Stock up on groceries & frozen meals in preparation for your return from the hospital
  8. Enlist household or nanny help while you still have time
  9. Contact neighbours/friends/relatives who are willing to drive you to the hospital in case hubby’s not around
  10. Walk around the neighbourhood/park/even inside your own home to boost your energy levels
  11. Spend time with your husband. Go on dates while you still can
  12. Sleep more
  13. Finish a project you’ve been meaning to accomplish (i.e. reading a book, learning a new recipe, baking, arts & crafts, etc.)
  14. Some women continue working while in their 9th month. I still work – but from home now.
  15. Pray that everything will be swift and safe!


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2 responses to “Waiting (Im)patiently: 37 weeks!

  1. Haha love it mars! dami ko natututunan! 🙂 Excited na ko ky bebe Summerrrrr 🙂

  2. And LOL at #LowEQMarses! Tayo talaga yun! :)) May downside din pala pagiging alpha females, impatient lagi LOL

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