34 Weeks and Swollen!

This is actually an earlier shot – 32 weeks, I think 🙂

I’m at the tail end of my pregnancy and things are really taking shape! Aside from my growing bump, you can expect to see my hands and feet getting a bit swollen! I thought I could fight it but it turns out, it is something normal during the last trimester especially when your due date nears.

I’ve also grown to be insomniac – waking up in the middle of the night to pee AND to THINK! I don’t know why but my mind goes active at night despite physical exhaustion. Then it becomes hard to fall back to sleep. Fatigue is coming in more frequently because of the added weight. I sleep a lot lately – but it’s hard to get started due to the discomfort and breathlessness.

But – I have more things to be thankful for. One is the fact that I have finally completed baby stuff shopping – yehey! Big thanks to all my friends and relatives who brought in their gifts and hand me-downs. I have to especially thank my cousin who has accompanied me to go to this Baclaran mall in order to raid the wholesale baby stores! Low prices, but quality merchandise! Turns out these stores supply the many things you’ll also find in the malls.

Also, I have to credit my mom who has taken on the job of washing all the baby’s stuffs for me! Having a laundry shop and your own line of detergent have its perks! So thanks, mom! And as early as 34 weeks I have completed packing the hospital bags for the baby, me, and the hubby (Yes, women are 100 steps ahead!)

And I think I deserve the “best in reading award” for downing 2 prenatal books by this time. In fact, I can now treat myself for some less serious read: Shopaholic & Baby! I highly recommend this to be read in between labor contractions because it’s just so funny!

Borrowed from @iammmei 🙂

I’m also very thankful that I can finally start working from home! It is true, “Ask and it will be given to you.” At first, I was quite hesitant to ask my employers for a work-from-home set-up as early as month-8 in the pregnancy. I fear they might think I’m making my condition an excuse to slack it off. But really, it’s soooooooooo difficult to commute when your legs are cramping and your feet are swollen after a 5-minute walk. I’m just very thankful that they have been understanding of my situation since day 1. I hope this working set-up lasts until forever – hahaha!

But most of all, my husband and I are most grateful to the Lord for assuring us that the baby is healthy inside. My OB asked for a biophysical ultrasound scan a few weeks ago because it seemed like the babe is quite small for her age inside my tummy. The scan results all turned out normal and the little one is active and healthy. We all figured it is the usual case of a petite mom-to-be, hence a smaller baby. That’s a good thing according to my doctor because there’ll be less chances of a CS operation. I dread that the most! Really praying my body will cooperate to get the baby out in the world in the way nature has designed it to be.

Now, I can relax more.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
– Philippians 4:13



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2 responses to “34 Weeks and Swollen!

  1. oh my romz! ang liit mo!!! let’s chat and exchange notes!!! 🙂

  2. YAY ROMZ! I was 34 weeks when I started having contractions! I can just imagine what you’re going through right now. A little fear, a little worry, but still with so much excitement! Cheering you on! ❤

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