Lenten Fridays: Wife Edition

I am so envious about bloggers who can do 30-day marathons because our 1-post-a-month-challenge is definitely a CHALLENGE for me. Hehehe! But in the coming days, particularly Fridays, I will set out on a goal to do weekly posts for this year’s Lent.

lenten fridays wife edition


I’m doing the wife edition (and maybe next year, the Mom edition 🙂 )

My husband doesn’t know about this yet, but I’d like to chronicle my first struggles/issues/victories/lessons as a wife to him, specifically this Lenten season. We have always spent the Holy Week apart during our single days. Now is a first like our first Christmas and New Year as husband and wife.

I’d like to touch on common issues that young wives face in this modern age – from submission, to control issues, to contentment, to household management, to what it’s like to fight constructively, etc. Take note though that I’m no expert on this 🙂 I’m just using my blog as a medium to journal and convey a message from the heart. So for any marital advice – there are tons of other resources to go to, hehehe! This one is just my take on the subject.

And in prayer, I hope I can be of help even for a short while and in my own small ways to a precious someone called a wife 🙂

(and maybe I can help husbands, too. Hihi!)

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord.
– Proverbs 18:22


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