Friday Random Rants

I’m more convinced I shouldn’t migrate to a niche-specific domain for my blog, because for all its worth – this is just my personal space to rant, unwind, and breath…

Pregnancy Blues: Third Trimester

So this week has been a circle of emotions and thoughts for me, particularly taking center stage is my growing pregnancy. I feel enormously pregnant now at 29 weeks! I have difficulty breathing, standing up, and going about my daily commute to work. What the world doesn’t know is I’m sinking into pre-natal depression. A lot have been talked about post-natal depression but very little about the pre-birth one. Reading online, I learned that 1 in 10 preggos experience this during pregnancy.

Symptoms include:

• inability to concentrate
• anxiety
• extreme irritability
• sleep problems
• extreme or unending fatigue
• a desire to eat all the time or not wanting to eat at all
• a sense that nothing feels enjoyable or fun any more
• persistent sadness

I won’t elaborate further which ones are on my check list. Let’s just say, I have majority of those symptoms. Despite trying my best to stay positive with the help of my husband of course, I still am human and fall into my weakness. Even if we’ve been looking forward to Sunday’s baby shower and the shopping for the babe task (which should sound enjoyable) – I am 😦

baby shower rainbow

This is the expectation, LOL! And should actually make me excited. But yeah, pregnancy blues do set in…

Work Uncertainties

I feel blessed that I have a job and my maternity needs are pretty much covered by my employee benefits. However, I still worry about (and I know this is futile) of the work set-up after I give birth. Will my employer allow me to work from home on an extended period? Will the quality of my work be affected? And the most pressing question is – will I ever get back my drive to perform excellently after the baby? I won’t deny there are more days when I just want to cut some slack and get my mind off work. Sometimes my job isn’t appealing to me anymore even if I know I need it and that it is helping us get through month after month.

There have been some nice offers I am itching to take simply because work is home-based. The trade off is that they will not cover any government privilege like Philhealth, SSS, etc. Not even sure if my maternity leave will sit well with them considering I just joined ship. So that’s the dilemma. OR MAYBE I AM WORRYING TOO MUCH, but God has a plan in place naman.

I envy other women who seem so strong to overcome these worrying, lack-of-passion-to-work-tendencies-and-all-the-while-pregnant-phase! It takes so much strength for me to really admit that hey, I don’t have it all figured out.

Longing for Married Friends

No pressure intended girls, but you know it would really be nice to hang out with some married couple friends. The problem is, we only have a few and they live far away from us. Most of our common friends are still singles, couple friends who are still boyfriend-girlfriend. No one to chat up with, to exchange notes with, or to set weekly prayer meetings with. I know my husband sometimes gets bored staying at home and relishes the time he gets to spend with the boys. But you know, as a couple – we need a circle, a community of young couples to interact with now that we’re beginning a crucial stage in our lives.

To all our SFC couple friends – Please, get yourselves married!!  Jowk lang 🙂

<End of Rant, TGIF!>


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One response to “Friday Random Rants

  1. im so sorry my mars, romz. isa ako dun sa mga di pa maka relate :)) andyan naman si Riz and mother Reah! sa next train na lang kami sasakay, haha.

    ang super cute naman ng table setup na yun! excited na ko sa sunday! 🙂 kung makakahiram ako kotse promise ihahatid kita pauwi kung sama ka pa samen after hihi. naiimagine ko lang kung gano siguro ako katamad/pagod when it’s my turn to be pregnant, x1000 sa ngayon! :))

    malalagpasan mo lahat yan, romzkee!

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