Cheesy February Post about Marriage

Don’t say I didn’t warn you. This is an official cheesy post. You can now click the ‘x’ button, hehehe! Since it’s the 1st day of Feb (the month of hearts!), I have decided to write this down.

Some people ask me what’s the main difference between a regular boyfriend-girlfriend relationship and a marriage between a husband and wife. Well, a lot – in different levels. But to me, aside from the gained freedom of intimacy (hihihi!), I feel that the main diff is that you tend to miss the other person more when you’re apart. However, there’s a contradiction to it: You can easily fall to the trap of neglecting the other (even unintentionally) when you’re together!

I miss him more now.

Even while he’s at work or we’re both at each other’s parents’ on weekends. Maybe because we’re so used to being together that I tend to be more affected by his absence. Marriage has broken the ‘twice-a-week-date-night’ routine when we were still singles. So it’s more apparent to me when the husband dearest is not by my side, even for a short while. Parang love birds lang ang peg! Cheesy, I know! But it kinda feels like a part of me is missing when he’s away. OR: Pregnancy hormones alert!! LOL.

You could easily neglect the other person.

Here’s the contradiction. Maybe because you are sure he’s just around the corner of the house, you don’t feel the urge to talk or interact as much. You don’t maximize the time that you’re together as much as you did when you were still dating. You can even catch us sleeping at different hours of the night. Before we go to bed, we don’t talk for so very long. I read a book while he plays his favorite Android games. Almost always, one of us dozes off ahead of the other (me!).

I guess since now you consider your spouse a constant in your life, you don’t feel the need to interact all the time. You’re both comfortable in just being together – even in silence! There’s no pressure to start and keep a conversation going. What matters is you’re at each other’s side.

The Gift of Marriage


I will always thank God for this gift of marriage. It is one of the best things I ever did in my life πŸ™‚ I am even more blessed to have a man who has a good heart. I can go on and on telling the whole world that my husband is a kind-hearted, loving, loyal, smart guy. Konti na lang ata sila – but they still do exist! A tip I could give you in order to pin down such a guy is to really PRAY for it. Be specific. I remember after 2 years of dating someone else, I found myself single again. 4-6 months I embarked on a self-healing process and really prayed to the Lord to lead me only to the man that He wants for me. Sounds trivial to some, but I think I kinda asked for someone tall and moreno, and gwapo πŸ™‚ Romer turned out to be all that. And he’s smart and talented, too! Well, he ain’t perfect like everyone else – but he finished my checklist – teehee! At first, I didn’t have any idea this could be it. But all heart aches come to an end and mercy overflows in time, haha!

And with that let me be merciful to end this cheesy post πŸ™‚

Lots of love in February!



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