The 5-Year Engagement Over the Weekend

Because sweldo was not due last week, we opted to just stay home over the weekend (tipid mode, hehe). Good thing it was raining the whole time, it kept the husband and I indoors.

Weekend Movies

So we watched downloaded movies. After a brief take on cleaning the house and cooking meals, we settled down and decided it’s gonna be a movie weekend. Big thanks to Meisha for sending in our supply of “Meisha Movies“, we got the 5-Year Engagement Movie to entertain us.


I like how the film rolled, although it was kinda dragging in the beginning. The story revolved around two “trying-to-be-on-the-safe-side” type of couple who wouldn’t plunge into marriage until all are perfect. At least that’s how I think Violet (female lead) analyzed things for her life. And because of that mentality of hers, their engagement stretched up to 5 years – with seasons of dissatisfaction, personal inner conflicts, distrust, and rebound lovers. But yeah, we all know they love each other and are meant to be together 🙂

I like the Elmo-Cookie Monster conversation Violet had with her sister, Suzie. It describes very clearly that in life, you sometimes just need to trust your guts and take a leap of faith. Not that one has to rush into marriage – but when you ‘think’ you found the person for you… go for it! If you’re worried about being unprepared and all that, well I think perfection or the absence of problems do not make one ‘ready’ for marriage. In fact, no one is… and no one will ever be. You just have to make sure you can take in the responsibility of facing the consequences of your decision.

Here goes the Elmo-Cookie Monster scene:

Elmo (Suzie): Elmo say it’s been 5 years. It’s almost 5 years. You either love him or you don’t!

Cookie Monster (Violet): Me, love him, but it’s very complicated. Cookie doesn’t get everything handed to him in a silver platter like Elmo.

Elmo: Cookie, got the career he wanted. Tom moved to Michigan so Cookie could work, okay? Elmo wanted to be a kinesiologist and instead, Elmo is cleaning puke off her shirt everyday! 

Cookie Monster: Well maybe, as nice as his little Elmos are, Elmo should have considered using protection. C is for condom. That’s good enough for me. 

Elmo: Elmo is very happy with Elmo’s little Elmos, okay? Elmo would just like a break, once in a while. Elmo never gets a break!

Cookie Monster: Fine! This is fine! But this is precisely why Cookie wants to take the time to consider if he’s picked the right cookie for his life! 

Elmo: Well maybe, Elmo thinks there is no right cookie! You just pick one and take a bite! 

Violet (in her normal voice): Sorry.

Suzie (still in Elmo’s voice): Elmo.. Is sorry too. 

Violet (to her niece): Whose was better?

Niece: Mommy’s better. 

Suzie (still in Elmo’s voice): Look.. The worst choice you could make, is no choice at all. Okay?.. Snack time! 

Weekend Cook

weekend food

In other news, my husband wears the cook hat on weekends since I prepare meals during our work days. This time he prepared fish, tomato and eggs for breakfast. We went to the nearby (like 20 steps lang!) market to buy our goods. For lunch, he prepared buttered garlic shrimp. I thought it was goooooooood!!



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