The Year to be Grateful!

Well not just in 2013 but in all the years and days of your life! I truly believe that if there is one thing that separates happy people from unhappy ones that would be – GRATEFULNESS. To be grateful means to be thankful for what you have, and hopeful for what you do not have – yet. It is true that the happiest bunch are not those with everything… but those who make the most out of what they have at the moment.

I’ve learned this lesson very clearly during the time when I was planning my own wedding. Maybe due to budget constraints, I’ve accepted the fact that not all are necessary – just stick to what is most important and we’ll be more than fine. I went up to be a very happy bride and soon to be mom by day’s end 🙂

And to keep the spirit of gratefulness flowing into our life, I started to make this “Gratitude Journal” last December 2012. The yellow notebook made of crisp, recycled paper was actually a gift from my bridal shower. I figured the color is a nice touch of bliss for  this kind of journaling.

gratitude journal

I started listing down all the blessings – big and small, that I got from last year. I also included verses and hopeful messages that kept me sane during trying times. One should also be grateful for hardships as they teach us humility and dependence on God.

Some of the bullets included in my list are:

  • Getting back to the job that I love
  • Buying a house of our own (still paying for it!)
  • Expecting a baby!
  • Getting married before the year ended
  • Health, happiness, and prosperity the whole year through for my family
  • Moving in to a bigger apartment with my husband

I know yours can go longer and can be more exciting to read, so start making that “Gratitude Journal”, too!

This 2013, I aim to regularly increase my list. It feels good to read and re-read them afterwards. It makes you aware of how blessed and loved you are. Who knows, it can even cheer you up on gloomy days when all seem bleak and weak. I know it has definitely worked for me. 🙂

Cheers to a bright, hopeful, and grateful New Year!


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  1. I love this. It’s so true that gratitude can change your outlook and emotions for the better.

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