Newly-married Woman!

So it’s been a week since I tied the knot, and I haven’t come up with a blog post yet! I don’t think I’m pretty busy – just recuperating physically (and financially haha!) from the big event of my 2012. Add to that is the fact that we’re still honeymooning 🙂 I finally experienced that dead-air with the hubby. We simply ran out of topics to talk about from time to time. When you’re boyfriend-girlfriend you’re all too much excited to go out on a date. Pag mag-asawa na pala at katabi mo sa umaga hanggang sa gabi, pwede ka na din maubusan ng sasabihin hehehe!

How was the wedding?

So my wedding did not go all too perfectly as planned – but I loved it! Days before I was psyching myself to focus on what’s really important instead of the frills and trivialities of what all these wedding-industry people so drumbeat about. Bitter?! I hope not, hehe. I’m just glad the church ceremony went beautifully intimate as I wanted it to be. Our closest families and friends were there. Both bride and groom were good-looking (bias!)… and of course – WE GOT MARRIED! With no remaining debt after that! Thank you, Lord 🙂 Seriously, I’m very happy I’m a married woman. We truly felt the presence of God and the love from everyone not only during the wedding but from day 1 of the planning. We can never be thankful enough for all of you.

teh bride = moi!

Our vows

Goldilocks motif!

my pretty bridesmaids!!!

Where did we honeymoon?

I believe “Honeymooning” is a stage in one’s married life. I think we’re still at it. But for our first night as husband+wife, we got ourselves lost in Tagaytay! It was around 9pm when we left my parent’s house and we still had to take the bus to our destination. The bed and breakfast suite we got was so secluded, you simply had to get lost especially at night! We stayed at Lily Boy’s Bed and Breakfast. Very quaint, charming little place.. it was a relaxing overnight stay for us. We were even allowed to stay beyond our hours just so we can watch the Pacquiao fight. Too bad, he lost. But the husband was glad to see a grand piano available all to himself as he played to the piece of ‘Till There Was You” 🙂

So How’s Married Life?

It’s Wonderful 🙂 I’m praying I can still say this 10-20 years from now, hehehe!

Nakatingin si father!!

What makes it wonderful? Well you simply have a kakampi, bestfriend, companion, stuff toy to hug – all the time! I’m slowly settling down to domestic life by planning our meals, scheduling house chores, and doing the groceries with him. These things are not exactly new to me as I have lived by myself since college days – but it’s still different when you have to do it for 2 persons.
We’re spending some time apartment-hunting as my little abode would be too small for us once the baby arrives. I can’t wait to transfer house and decorate for Christmas! It’s going to be our first Christmas together as a married couple. Very exciting, indeed!


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