Last Day of Single-hood!

Sigh.. Tell me why am I feeling this way? In a few minutes after this post, I will be packing my bags for the hotel after the wedding. I know my mom cries at night, and I can’t sleep either. That feeling when suddenly life turns on a new direction and you begin to look back to the journey that has been.

For everything, I am ever thankful to God for blessing me with such a meaningful and rich single life. I can only be grateful for my parents and my family who have loved and supported me all through my 28 years of life. My dearest bestest-best-friends who have inspired me to be strong and be the woman I am now. I do not have too many friends like other people, but I believe I have been given the best bunch on earth! You know who you are, marses!!

Of course, I thank the Lord for the experiences and lessons He has allowed in my life. These have brought forth my character and faith in Him that truly, the best is always yet to come. I have immensely enjoyed and savored my single life. To be single is good, and fulfilling. But now I am embarking on a new adventure – married life and soon, motherhood. People say it’ll turn your life upside down – a total 360-degree turn. I am quiet scared actually, but excited at the same time. If God has been good to us, how can He abandon us this time around?

“It is the Lord who goes before you. He will be with you; he will not leave you or forsake you. Do not fear or be dismayed.” – Deuteronomy 31:8 

There are just some things I will really miss. One of these is going home every weekend to my family. Who wouldn’t want to wake up at 8:30 on a weekend where your breakfast is served already? And also, the freedom of travel. Travel has taught me a lot about my level of self-reliance when everything you see around you is new. When you’re single and you travel alone or with friends, there’s nothing else to worry about but how to get the most fun out of the experience. I think this new thing in my life will definitely put a halt on my traveling spree – hopefully temporarily.

It’s going to be a new set of responsibilities – much heavier than I could think of. As they say no one is truly 100% prepared for married life, my only prayer is that we all get out of this alive. Haha!

Cheers for that one happy single-hood I shared with you!


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One response to “Last Day of Single-hood!

  1. I like this post, mars! Dapat may ganito din ako a day before I get married someday hehehe

    God bless sa last minute preps at para bukas! Diz iz sooo iz it! I know it’s a bit sad to say goodbye to single life, but so much more excitement is in store for you in this next chapter of your life. You can do it! You were born to be a wife and a mother kaya. hehehe 🙂 Proud of & happy for you, mars!

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