WAHM Wanna-be

For several months already, even before I got the big news, I have been contemplating on returning back to a work-at-home set-up. Until recently, I stumbled upon a blog post I’ve written years ago – and this validates my craving to be a WAHM as soon as possible.

Here’s an excerpt:

How about in the Future?

Probably, I would be starting a family of my own when that time comes. And as we all know, most wives or moms today would prefer a work-from-home set up so they can take care of the family. There’s nothing like raising your own child to become a better citizen one day. I strongly believe (and encourage!) the improvement of the race. Hence I’d rather stay home and work on my kids, instead of losing all 9 hours of the day over a job. However, given the economic demands of family life, one can’t help but consider the cost that comes with it. My fear is that I may not able to get an equally good-paying opportunity once I decide to work from home. I know it sounds crazy to be too much worried way, way ahead of time. But I can’t help it. You see I’ve been checking several telecommuting jobs, mostly writing gigs, and they what? Pay you like $2 per 500-word article?! Ano yan less than a hundred pesos??

Outsourcing has done a lot of good to the Philippines, but I do hope they would look into the quality of our service rather than choosing to discount. Not only will it do good for their brand, but moms will be equally happy :)

Aside from the fact that the daily commute isn’t doing any good to my nausea attacks, I have always figured that I am a self-motivated person. That means I do not need much pushing in order for me to do work. And normally, I stick to my own routine and system of doing things. Working for so many years now, I have identified my most “in-the-zone” hours of the day where I can finish tasks and projects one after the other. Obviously, working from home gives you the advantage to control your schedule based on your productivity spirit. However it is of utmost importance to be disciplined, focused (despite home and parenting distractions), and to be ready to stick to a routine. I think it really is the perfect set-up for mothers whose need for child-rearing and home management far outweighs their urge to earn or magnify a career. I’m sure working moms in the corporate world would have a rather different opinion. I just think for me personally, being a WAHM is ideal.

I’ve been itching to set-up shop online and start scouting for potential employers and clients who might be of need of my expertise. There is only one issue – I am waiting for the approval of a housing loan. A few months back, I started investing for a house and part of that is to ensure an approved loan from the bank. As we all know, financial institutions would prefer to lend money to borrowers who are duly employed with a stable income level. I’ve learned that a bank approval in my case would come around the 15th month of paying the equity – months past my baby’s delivery date. I feel sad when I think of this. I’m sure I cannot move myself to just leave my baby to a yaya, or any other person except my husband. For months I’ve been anguishing over this. But finally, after much prayers I have sort of found a resolve, a kind of enlightenment.

Somewhere along the time of me reading all sorts of work-at-home-mom blogs and businesses, I felt peace in my heart that things will just fall into their right places. It may come at a different time – but never too late or too early. Repeatedly, I just have to accept the fact that God’s timeline is different from mine. I’m sure He knows when I (or we as a family) is ready for something or not – yet. In doing my rounds of wedding planning and preparation for the coming of the baby I have learned a valuable lesson. It is to just surrender and accept that Someone of a higher power up there is in control of the situation, and not me. In my head I already have a 3-point plan that can cover a year or two of family life (yes, women are always 100 steps ahead hehe!). But in the palm of His hand, it could be a different game plan, a different story – but grander and more beautiful than I could ever come up with.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD,

“plans to prosper you and not to harm you,

plans to give you hope and a future. 

– Jeremiah 29:11



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2 responses to “WAHM Wanna-be

  1. let’s go to the next WAHM workshop! 🙂

  2. Aww mars, ramdam ko ang predicament mo. But I’m confident, with God’s guidance, you’ll get through it. Alpha females, ftw! haha 🙂

    One chapter at a time muna. Excited na ko sa wedding! 🙂 See you soon!

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