On Girl-Bonding

I did set a once a month meeting with my bridesmaids to make sure tasks are done and that we’re all on the same page. Apart from that, we maintain an exclusive Facebook page just for us girls. I can say that as early as now, I feel like I will be missing my old single life. I simply have the best of the best kind of laughter when I’m with these girls. The stories are endless from drama to comedy to romcom 🙂 We have a new addition to our wide roster of topics too – Family planning! Hehehe!

Last Saturday we completed the gown fittings.I didn’t expect we’d monopolize the dressing room so no other customer could try on their gowns hehehe! Afterwards, we had coffee and some good ol’ girl-bonding conversation. What a refreshing Saturday! Exactly what I need from all the craziness this wedding planning imposes onto me. I had so much fun with the girls that I totally forgot about the nice pre-nup video I did with the fiance earlier that day, hihi! 🙂

Maybe when you reach this intersection of life where you start to venture to another phase, it is inevitable to feel nostalgic about the old life you once had. I’m not married yet but as early as now, I can’t help but rekindle all the stages I went through single hood – from learning, failing, trying again, and growing up. I must say I’ve been very blessed to have had a rich and meaningful single life. My friends are the real treasures of the journey. I swear, I will still go out with them – breastfeeding and all 🙂

PS: Pardon the lack of pictures. All the image shots I took included me in my bridal gown – so can’t reveal yet 🙂



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  1. Aww mars! You’re just ahead of us, pero parating na rin kami dun. Sana naman no, lalagpas na kami sa kalendaryo soon! LOL.

    I had fun last Saturday too, bridesmaid duties day! hehehe. At di ko ever makakalimutan ang taxi ride na parang gusto ko ng lumabas due to awkwardness :))

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