The Big Life Update

August flew very fast, and look I missed (among all other things, hehe!) a blog post for August. Does that mean I am disqualified from our mars blogging challenge? 🙂 I feel guilty of not even being able to blog about my awesome back-to-back trips to Hong Kong with my aunts and uncles; and to Potipot with my BFFs for life!

Now September is just a week shy of being over but I struggle not to end it so soon – because I need some more time to work on a big project!

I am getting married this December!

Yup you read that right! And I cannot be more excited about this wonderful turn of events. I am pretty sure a lot of you are asking questions – why so soon? (Akala ko ba pag 30 ka na?!), why didn’t you announce asap? how did the proposal happen? etc..

Well, I think the answer that caps it all is the fact that – I am a few weeks pregnant!!! Gah! This has been the top shocker of the year for me. I’ve seen and heard varied reactions from family mostly. But all my friends have been super supportive and just as excited as I am! I know I should have known better, and really I am not recommending you go this way before marriage, hehehe! Especially when you are not prepared and have not yet fulfilled your aspirations as a single person. But honestly, I cannot be happier for what God has blessed me and Romer with.

Remember the last time I blogged about just being happy and contented at 28? I feel that it was sort of a premonition for me that bigger things are about to happen. It was like a confirmation that yes indeed, I have lived my single hood to my heart’s content and I can’t ask for anything more. Settling down and starting a family is, I think, the next big step for me. If you know me personally, you can attest to the fact that I constantly dream of planning my own wedding. Hehehe! I have this ‘Wedding Folder’ in my laptop since 2008. When my soon-to-be-husband found out about the folder just 2 weeks ago, he was beyond disbelief! 🙂

I am truly elated and happy (did I just mention ‘happy’ again?). I’ve been having a good laugh with my marsmallows aka bridesmaids everyday! I feel so blessed that I get to pick my bestest best friends to be my bridesmaids on my wedding day. It really is a dream come true. Oh I can imagine the fun we’ll have!

Of course as early as now, I want to apologize for those I cannot invite in my event. Pasensya na. Not that I don’t treasure our relationship, it’s just that may limited headcount lang talaga.

Right now, I am going through a series of all-day ‘morning sickness’ and loss of appetite (so weird!). But I pray and motivate myself to keep on going and stay positive no matter what. I feel so loved by well-wishing friends and family. My fiance has been extra loving and caring. But mostly I am inspired by this new life direction that has been laid out before me. I can only be grateful 🙂



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6 responses to “The Big Life Update

  1. I’m with you on this roller coaster ride, Romzkee! It’s gonna be a fun ride! Onga ako rin di ko pa na blog yung Potipot natin, must find time :))

    Excited na ko sa bridesmaids tasks at kawindangan, haha! ang kayren di pa nagppost ng minutes lol

    Congratulations to you & Romer! Cheers to the soon-to-be-married-and-parents! 🙂

  2. Thank you mars!!! I appreciate the support and love 🙂 Ininterview mo kse si Romer last year ayan tuloy hehehe! Oo nga, nawawala na naman ang MOH na ito. Baka nalimutan ang wedding date hihi!

  3. pixated

    Mars, i like the invitation layout! May maitutulong ba ako from here?! 🙂 if there’s anytjing, let me know ha! 🙂

    It’s a blessing, mars! 🙂 congratulations!! 🙂 dapat may bridal shower!!! Haha :))

  4. Thank you, mars!! I wish you’re here on that special day 🙂 Naku downloadable DIY lang ang invitation alam mo nman ako :)) Iniisip ko nga what pa need ko eh. Baka you have some ideas on non-conventional reception programs. Para maiba naman. Papakita ko sa coordinator-friend ko hehe… Thank you!

  5. Omg romzkiiiii!! it’s just sooo YOU to multi-task! lol. marriage, wedding and pregnancy are all beautiful chapters in a woman’s life and you’re going through all of it AT ONCE!! IKAW NA, GIRL, IKAW NA!!! 🙂

    I just found out now, lol, huli lagi ako sa balita ano beh!

    On a selfish note, more playmates for my babies! Haha. Congratulations, Romzki, I’m really happy for you!

  6. Thank you, Riz!! Para akong naka-avail ng Family-Groupon Voucher! LOL! You know what, whenever I feel really tired and whiny with the pregnancy discomfort, iniisip na lang kita at ang pag mrt mo.. wala akong karapatan magreklamo therefore! Hehe!

    I am also excited to see your twins! Yey playmates na talaga sila! Sana boy naman saken para instant 2 agad ang chix! Jokes :))

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