Bora. Boracay. Whatevs.

This is not a happy post. Just an honest one. Boracay is OVERRATED & OVERPRICED. Period.

I am knocking on the doors of our DOT officials to please work on:

(1) Preserving the natural beauty of the placeheck! What are those high environmental fees for??

(2) Reviewing prices of fees and faresSeriously P100 for an uneventful 5-minute ferry ride to the island?? Come on!! Please give the locals some discount, at least!

(3) Keeping the place free from PROSTITUTION!Okay, you may not abolish it completely but could you not notice the blatant selling of you-know-what?!

I do not wish to bash Boracay. The beach stretch is indeed beautiful (but not stand out, in my opinion). There simply are a lot of better beach destinations in the Philippines. Boracay is just too popular to a fault.

But all these are true:

  • White, powdery sand – CHECK! (PS: But you also get this from Panglao, Bohol – with less tourists to share the beach with)
  • Clear blue-green waters – CHECK!
  • Upbeat entertainment and night life – CHECK!

Only that…

  • Plastic bags roll along with the waves 😦
  • Strong waves not ideal for leisurely swimming (well, it was June: off-season) 😦
  • Sea weeds, too many of them (probably due to the strong waves driving them to shore) 😦
  • Outrageously priced commodities and beer (I remember getting slashed by Php 2,ooo on our first meal in Boracay, just for me and my boyfriend) – What a promising start for a vacation! We were told prices are fixed. Yun pala may hidden charges sa kanin 😦

Boracay Water sports Activities

Now I know the reason why Boracay has to invent all sorts of water sports activities to entertain visitors. You can’t get happy with the beach during off-season. In fairness, I did enjoy Boracay Parasailing and ATV driving. We got the 2 activities packaged for Php 1400 /head (including the discount from our tour guide). More pictures to come on Facebook.

To be fair, I can only speak about Station 2. I heard it’s where all the parties at. We’re not really the party-all-nighter-type of kids so I guess that could be the reason why we weren’t so moved with Boracay’s night life. We did enjoy Charle’s Bar though (besides, we got free San Mig Light buckets). Their music is charming.

Nice Boracay Accommodation

We also enjoyed our stay at Seabird Boracay Resort. The staff are very accommodating, and their food is sumptuous. Rooms are large and well-maintained. Since we could not swim any longer than 15 minutes, we resorted to staying inside and watch cable TV hehe! We booked via coupon-shopping 🙂

We did not even dare go island-hopping or snorkeling because in all honesty, there seems to be no outstanding scenic view nor grand rock formations you’ll find abundant in Palawan or in Camarines Sur. I bet the corals are no-match, too. Sorry, I can’t help but compare. Lastly, they don’t package a free seafood lunch buffet with their island-hopping tours, unlike the ones we experienced in Puerto Princesa. Get your lunch from Mang Inasal or Andok’s instead. Super mahal na kase sa iba.

Just in my opinion: Regular Philippine beach it is.

Boracay’s beach is pretty staple. The Philippines has a lot more paradise-like island beaches to boast of – less crowded, less expensive, but more impressive. These island destinations are yet to be tapped for a full-blast tourism campaign. I don’t know if I should be glad that they aren’t given much attention yet – else they end up too commercialized (read: Boaracay). To sum it up, I must say I didn’t go “WOW BORACAY” or “IT’S MORE FUN  IN BORACAY” after the trip. I don’t even want to go back anymore. And oh, my bank account is still recovering 😦



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2 responses to “Bora. Boracay. Whatevs.

  1. Romz! Haha, natawa ako dun as “may hidden charges pala sa kanin” hahaha 😀 I tend to agree that it’s overpriced and commercialized..sad nga e. 😦 Wish we were there before it got swamped with hotels, tourists and what have you. Also, if you are not into adventure sports and partying, Boracay will just be another white sand beach in our beautiful country…like i always tell people who ask me about it. Especially during these times! Ano, looking forward to Zambales na? ehehhe! Beach bumming, camping and hiking! lol!

  2. Super YESSSS!!! Tara, I miss the girls! It’s time we hit the beach! Isipin mo, ang tagal na naten magf-friends pero ngayon lang tayo ngbeach ng magkakasama hehe 🙂

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