Baby’s Day Out: Part 2

We did another round of going out-cum-babysitting over the weekend. This time, we took in Romer’s only pamangkin for company at Bonifacio High Street. At first, I was quite hesitant to bring the child’s baby bike because it’s too bulky for the commute. It proved me wrong, and actually thanked the lifeless thing for it has saved all of us from going insane!

To soon-to-be-parents: Never underestimate the power of strollers and bikes in terms of convenience.

First stop, we went to Fully Booked’s Kids Section of books. Not sure if our 1.2 months old kiddo is too young to appreciate a library so I started browsing for pop-up musical books. I found a Sesame Street pop-up about a story of a ballerina (and elmo). Each time she opens a page, the music surrounds her to a beat she can’t refuse to bounce into! Babies just naturally love music!

And then we took her out for lunch at Brother’s Burger. The sweet potato fries was an instant hit to the kid. She could not get enough of it! The moment she learned about the wonder of dipping each potato finger in mayo, she just had to dip it before opening her mouth!

You have no idea of the consequences of this eating. A few minutes after, we had to check into the ladies comfort room because the baby just had to soil her nappies! Hehe. Que Horror! Crying Spell + Scream Fest inside a small-packed ladies room with everyone watching while I undid her diapers and cleaned up everything. She wouldn’t stop crying. Baby tabletops for diaper changing should come with colorful toys and soft linens because apparently, it scared the hell out of babies! After the “incident”, the boyfriend no longer wanted to carry her because he said she still smelled like poo. I wonder if my dad was ever like that when we were little. I doubt if he has ever changed a single baby diaper for all four of his children. Hehe.

This was sweetie and the baby pre-poopoo stage. Hehehe! Still frolicking in the fountain, huh? Wait until the kid drops the bomb!

To sum it up, I think we had fun. Baby girl enjoyed her stroll. She has yet to walk on her own so she relished the experience of going from one point to another. We passed baby’s day out – part 2!ย Bonifacio High Street is so family-friendly. The lifestyle though can be quite pricey (exclusive for high-end resto’s only!!!). But I heard they will be putting up a Lenten Feature on “The Walk – Stations of the Cross” very soon. That one is something I look forward to visiting next time. It’s a good place to waste a weekend and just enjoy life.



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4 responses to “Baby’s Day Out: Part 2

  1. Woohoo! Practice makes perfect! ๐Ÿ™‚ I love babies, but they can be a handful sometimes. Guess di pa ko that ready? hahaha ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yup! Nakaka-drain talaga pag nasa stage na malapit na mag-walk or kaka-start pa lang matuto mag-walk… exhausting! Pero fun kalaro lang ๐Ÿ™‚ Don’t say you’re not ready, or else the ovaries will picket again! :))

  3. mae

    yes, never estimate the power of strollers and bikes. kung di mo dinala yan, mangangalay ka kadadala ng bata.
    i think you’ll make a great mom, sis.

  4. awww sweet! Thanks sis! You’re a great mom yourself kahit na working ๐Ÿ™‚

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