Hometown Vacation

I entered into yet another challenge with a good friend for this year. It seems that my 3 posts/mo. promise is all but invalid already, hehehe! So now to feel less guilty, I’m blogging about our recent summer bonding trip as a family in a nearby river+falls resort in Cavite.

The Balite Falls Resort in Amadeo, Cavite is a refreshing escape to anyone as the surroundings definitely has that coolness in the air. The feel of the place makes you want to just doze off! Good thing the river is inviting enough to convince me to take even a short dip. I’m more of a beach person as I’m not fond of cold waters like this one. But for a change, I got in.

Balite Falls Resort

See how relaxing a sight this is!

The river can go as deep as 18ft! The boyfriend tried the whole day but could not muster the courage to swim across the 18ft area, even though it was just a 2-meter distance 🙂 Other visitors (mostly boys with ages ranging 10 up to 40 years old!), were jumping off repeatedly from the cliff of the falls onto the river. My teen-aged cousin did it, but not the boyfriend.. hehehe!

Here we are enjoying a good (and rough!) run down of water from the falls. It was so cold!

What’s nice about the mini-trip to this place was that my parents really were the ones who enjoyed it the most! They went back and forth to the falls area just relishing the coolness of the water. They had a lot of pictures taken together while swimming and frolicking into the waters. Second childhood? Hehehe!

Mom and Dad can't get enough of the waterfalls, hehe!

This outing has made me think. Despite my craving to travel somewhere else hoping I’ll have more fun, I realized doing my share of promoting/accessing the local destinations in my own province or town is just as equally satisfying. A lot of us think that to go outside our own is the only way to get the “best experience”. I guess it can also be just a matter of perspective. As I’ve read in one book, becoming a tourist in your own place even just for a day can change your perspective of your hometown.

I had fun with my family here. Simple, near, and budget-friendly.

What’s your “destination spot” in your own locale? You may want to try it this summer, too!

Being a tourist in my hometown: So there is a cool place like this here 🙂



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5 responses to “Hometown Vacation

  1. mae

    Good thing that you blogged about this. I think i want to go there with my family this summer. 🙂

  2. uncle jojo

    very nice story rianne. I wish i could bring your cousins to the place. have fun while you’re young and have the time.

  3. me-anne

    I know you really enjoyed it there.. aside from the fact that the place is inviting, most of the expenses came from us..budget friendly as you said, hehehe

  4. I love the photo with the boyfriend, friend! And LOL buti ka pa nag respond na sa challenge… ano kaya pwede kong iblog? isip ako :))

    Gusto ko rin mag explore pa ng pilipinas. Where? There are lots, but recently I’ve been thinking of going to these two places na di masyadong known, just because may mga kakilala ako dun na pwedeng maging tour guide, hehe! The places are: Pagadian and Marbel, both in Mindanao. I don’t know kung may mga magagandang puntahan dun, pero gusto ko lang ma explore ang ibang parts ng pinas…wag lang sa territory ng terrorists! hehehe.

  5. Tara frend! Let’s go! Pinopromote nga nayon ng DOT ang Pagadian 🙂

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