2012 is a Year of Challenge!

I cannot resist but to blog today. But why not? It’s PAYDAY! – the first one of the year FOR ME!

Until now, I can’t believe (and cannot contain my bliss for it) that I have finally returned to my old office, old friends, old home that I’ll cherish for a lifetime I know, cheesy 🙂 I have come to terms with the fact that success is very personal and subjective. It differs from person to person. And how I define it should be my guiding perspective, regardless of how the world pushes its own image of it. After getting that much needed break, I realized that success for me simply means the fulfillment of my potentials – just like how Maslow figured it out since 1943.

So! Today is another one of those “list” blog posts 🙂 Whenever I watch TV interviews and hear speeches about “taking on challenges”, it rings a big bell inside. I guess, my theme for 2012 stems from the word CHALLENGE. Yes! 2012 is the Year of Dragon Challenge for me!

Let’s start off with:

> Waking up early – 7-7.30 should be in front of the computer office

> CONSISTENT Daily Devotional reading

> Everyday SEO Challenge – I get “advanced” SEO questions both from the boss and their clients. You cannot underestimate the gravity of these surprises every morning. Napapa-heavy breakfast ako!

> Challenge my writing speed and quality – Working on a new “online travel raket”. It’s demanding/challenging: but all good 🙂

> Double my savings – Tall order, I know! But I can only imagine the huge sense of accomplishment once I am able to conquer this  one.

> Learn to Bake – check! But I guess, won’t help my next item below 🙂

> DIET – every year na lang, ano?

> Blog 3x/mo. – good luck to me!

> HK with aunts and uncles – hopefully by August

> Eat, Pray, Love with my dearies 🙂

> DIY Projects to finish

> Spend more time at home with the family – baka kse mag-asaw na’ko next year. Chos! 🙂

They say, a 30-day challenge is more feasible. I’d like to start from there. On a monthly basis, will try to accomplish a challenge.

How about you? What’s your list of challenges and goals this year?

For some inspiration, read:

Those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles.

-Isa 40:31



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3 responses to “2012 is a Year of Challenge!

  1. Romzkee! 🙂 Eat, Pray, Love – it is going to happen! 🙂 I actually can’t wait anymore! This will be our first group travel (even if it’s only going to be the 4 of us!). Let’s get our eyes peeled on those airfare promotions!

    It’s so nice to be reading your blog posts again – especially super positive ones like this! So keep posting! 😉 I want to get back into my “regular programming”, too! And a lot of challenges to conquer! We can do this, friend!! 😀

  2. Yey!!! So excited to see you na friend! Hindi tayo nagkikita pag nasa Pilipinas ka hehe 🙂
    Yeah, let’s keep on tracking those budget fares hehehe 🙂
    Keep the positive spirit on!

  3. I’m so relieved you’re back, friend! Let’s conquer this biz together. lol

    And yes, ituloy na yang EPL na yaaaan!

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