20 Things to do While Jobless

So I am hitting my 30th-day of being officially unemployed. I must say that it’s a combination of relief and at times a bit of boredom despite the crazy holiday events. Upon my third week, I’m workaholic quite itching to start doing office work already. But then again, I know there are people who would like to trade places with me even for a whole month. So I guess, I should just get on and enjoy this other side of the fence.

Here are 20 things you can do while jobless. I’ve ticked the box beside some of these items, while others are waiting to be… ready, set, go!

1. Blog, and do it often! Hence, my 20-things-to-do-while-jobless. Riz, actually was the one who encouraged me to blog more.

2. Bake! This one hobby I promise to fulfill this year. Brownies are the specialty this month 🙂

3. Watch your favorite shows (full season). I like Raising Hope and The New Girl. I just need to find the complete season for these two loves 🙂

4. Read the books you meant to read. I like trips to book sales and old book stores. My most prized books come from paperback sales, really.

5. Movie-marathon. Bride Wars = all time favorite (much to the scare of the boyfriend, hihi!)

6. Exercise: Jog, Cycle, Yoga.

7. Go scrap-booking!!! I like the non-digital version – it warms the heart so.

8. Sleep. Take on all the needed zzz’s you lost during those high-powered afternoon meetings.

9. Email all your friends whom you lost touch with. It’s still more personal than Facebook.

10. Help mom with the house chores. She’ll thank you so.

11. Pick up your dream DIY project that has been lying around the corner – this one I have yet to accomplish!

12. Water the plants, and see them grow in 30 days!

13. Set up your own online business. Sell everything from clothes, to trinkets, to food stuff, etc. Market them on your social network sites.

14. Book a vacation! Yes, go and pick the lowest air-fare that you can afford and fly! Remember, it’s more fun in the Philippines!

15. Go caffeine-free. You have all the license in the world to do this since you do not have too much work to keep you alert every moment of the day. Try tea.

16. Craft your next online marketing plan. I know this sounds like work. But you know, it can help you big time in saving a lot of time and effort once you start your job again (in my case, imma SEO).

17. Offer to baby-sit your nephew or niece. Really nice hanging around kids. They can put some sunshine on a dull day.

18. Cook for your sweetie! I know of busy urbanites who’d prefer a take-out meal or delivery instead of producing a home-cooked meal to serve for a dinner date. It’s really EFFORT to cook on weekdays. So now is the perfect time to impress your guy with your foodie skills.

19. Start a daily devotional. If you haven’t yet, this is a good time to get that rhythm of grace before hitting the day. You can even go on a spiritual retreat if you feel the need to do it – ala “Eat,Pray,Love”

20. Do nothing. Yep, you read it right! This is what vacations are for, right? So be an official bum!

Getting your own self back in shape – physically, emotionally, and spiritually can help you carve a better perspective on life once you rejoin the rat race. I must say this extended vacation (a.k.a. unemployment) is a welcome break. Although I am eager to start work already, I am happy to say I can make delicious brownies 🙂



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4 responses to “20 Things to do While Jobless

  1. mei

    Ikaw na ang kayang gawing productive ang kahit anong situation 🙂 *slow clap

  2. me-anne

    sarap basahin ng mga sinulat mo… pero mas masarap gawin.. especially for people like me who can only wish and dreamday for a vacation.

  3. Riz

    LOL. Thanks for the special mention. :))

    I think I like #20 best. Hehe. Enjoy your job-less days Romz, while it lasts. 🙂

  4. Thanks, friend!!! I hope to become your office mate again. Hehe!

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