LBC Express Delivers to Sendong Victims

Much time in my hands has permitted me and my siblings to ransack our respective closets to pick out some old clothes we no longer wear. This is part of our mission to donate relief items to our brothers in the South – the Sendong victims.

Gen.Trias LBC Branch

Packs of relief Items at the Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite, LBC Express branch

I am very glad that LBC Express comes in handy during calamities like this. They are not just kind-hearted to offer free shipping of relief goods to the typhoon victims, but most importantly LBC Express branches are so accessible and scattered conveniently all over the country. Good job, you guys. And Merry Christmas!

Here’s my youngest sib doing her non-sponsored LBC Express camera shot 🙂

LBC Express Padala, Manggahan, Gen. Trias, Cavite


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