Unemployed, Unchained

For the first time in my life (not even after graduation), I am officially unemployed πŸ™‚

Sad to say the new job I just got into last September went with a bitter ending 😦 I learned a few lessons there, and one is to be ready when one has realized that things aren’t what she expected to be. Change is good, but what will you do if it turned out for the worst? The answer is to endure first, obey first. Then do all you can to get that graceful exit. Life is short, let’s not spend some more time on things that simply make us unhappy. But there is always a better way to get out of any situation. Good thing, DOLE is always pro-employee! Haha!

Anyway, so I decided to quit even when there is no sure employment to jump into yet. I’m choosing not to mind it for now. However, I cannot hide my excitement to make a comeback and handle new online projects with my old friends. I guess God is asking me to trust Him more – even if my usual comfort pillows of a stable career and financial capacity are lacking at the moment.

This unemployment thing is really doing more good than bad. I have learned to take hold of myself and control my spending. And shall I say, it has lead me to surrender my life plans to the Lord. That is already a blessing in disguise.


Enough with the jobless talk, let’s go to the fun part πŸ™‚

Needless to say, the best thing about not having work this time of the year is that fact that I can get some vacay time while everybody is harassed doing their holiday preparations. My mom is relieved to have me handy at home while she and dad are extremely busy with business. Also, my extended (and unexpected) holiday has allowed me to spend more time for things that matter – a.k.a. (1)bridal showers, (2)Christmas outreach and parties, and of course (3)romance!

<insert picture here; next time don’t forget your digicam!>

I wish I have not forgotten my digicam, but I did. Sorry. I feel blessed to have done our simple feather-and-marshmallow-themed bridal shower with my long-time girlfriends in SFC. One of my bff is already 3-years married, one is still waiting like me, and the soon to be bride is happily leaving singlehood in favor of being someone’s wife πŸ™‚ We recalled the fun and unforgettable old times, especially the out of town conferences we attended. I heard a lot of marital advice, as well. I’m genuinely happy for my friend who has finally overcome her waiting and is now more equipped to start married life.

GK Kids Christmas Party - SFC

GK Kids Christmas Party - SFC

Every year, lots of good-hearted people of our SFC community reach out to the kids of GK-Ancop. We call the pre-schoolers “Sibol”, the grade-schoolers as “Sagip”, and the youth/teens as “Siga”… On this 11th of December, the kids definitely had a blast with our games, prizes, and spaghetting pababa at pataas! πŸ™‚ Nothing compares to the joy of sharing to these young souls.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of quality-Christmasy time with the sweetie. From group dinners to exclusive one-on-one conversations with this guy, it surely is making my holiday ever so warm. It’s our second Christmas together. You may now close your browser as what you’ll be reading next is a string of too much mush… hehe! It’s not everyday that you meet someone who connects with you on an emotional and spiritual level. Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to catch someone who is loyal and supportive. I have found in him a man who is the most loving and understanding guy I have ever met. Christmas is indeed a celebration of love.

So as long as I can keep my finances on check, keep my faith grounded on Him, plus loads of lurrrrrrve to share to family and friends – there isn’t really anything wrong with being unemployed in December πŸ™‚

IΒ came so that they might have life and have it more abundantly. –Β (John 10:10)



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3 responses to “Unemployed, Unchained

  1. Congratulations, friend!!! Haha I know the feeling kasi :))

  2. Riz

    Ibig sabihin, more time to blog! so blog!!! πŸ™‚

    Happy New Year Romzkee. May this year bring you back where you belong πŸ™‚

  3. Happy New Year, Riz! Yeah I should blog more often hehe πŸ™‚

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