Best Christmas Gift of the Year

As Christ is humanity’s best Christmas gift for all eternity, I wanted to mention a “second-best-almost-number-one” gift for this year’s Christmas season. It’s the gift of community.

I’ve been serving in the Singles For Christ community for the past 6 years already. I’m not the ideal Christian single to begin with, but this community has subjected me to be that “work in progress”. Learning to love one another despite of differences is already a manifestation of Christ’s transforming love. I wish I could say the same to my boss, hehe!

We won best chapter in South, Manila!

Anyway back to the gift, this year we won the Best Chapter Award in the South (of Manila). It may be nothing for some in terms of fame or prestige. But we truly value it because of all the hard work, sacrifices, and of course God’s faithfulness to His plan and mission for us.

The problems we had in the beginning are now non-existent as we close the year. The issues we had are now things of the past. We have more single men and women joining and serving the poor. Most especially, we are blessed to have better, and more loving relationships as brothers and sisters.

Personally, the recognition impacts me tremendously. Sure, it was a reward for all the effort but more than anything else, winning it for our group is like the brightest light in my Christmas tree. Despite my frustrations at work or in some other areas of my life, God has been so grand in delivering His promise of a fulfilled mission.

This is more than enough. God is truly more than enough for me 🙂


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