teh ‘Dream Job’

I know this is way too early, and pretty much destructive at some level(?).

But.. Oh, what I would give to be part of your kick-ass ad agency!!! I’ve been aiming to land in an advertising agency the first day I had my UP Freshman classes. Yes, that bad!

I was HR-interviewed just a few hours ago, and I think I did well (I hope!) 🙂

BBDO Guerrero and Proximity Philippines

I didn’t know BBDO runs the “Lola Techie” commercials; and crafted the ‘Pepsi Pinas‘ concept, which recently went GLOBAL!

From the time I got inside their office, I had a feeling this is a hub of free-flowing creative juices from some of the best minds in the country. With a colorful mural up on one wall, and cute little table lamps like the one they have in Playhouse Digital. I cannot wait to snatch a seat and draft one of those online marketing plans I’ve been manufacturing day in-day out.

But the post they’re offering isn’t one in the Creative dept (sad-sad).

Although whatever job position I get into as long as it has the BBDO seal, I know I’m damn lucky 🙂

On another note, I took the liberty of checking out their site and I came up with a few recommendations.

Sometimes I feel that being a SEO has made me susceptible to acquire this type of virus: the tendency to point out how you can further optimize your site/blog.

  • Use meaningful permalinks
  • Create keyword-rich tags and blog categories
  • Integrate social media buttons: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (for your TV/vid ads)
  • Instead of Archives > Use Recent Posts – aids readers to find topic of interest + it’s good for content optimization
  • You can actually make Pages for “Careers” & “Contact Us” – good for leads, inquiries, etc.

So there. Just in case you need a Search Specialist in your Digital Marketing Dept – just twit @romzkeepomski


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