Driving Lessons

I’m on my second day of my driving course: Beginner’s Lessons, hehe!

So I thought driving is that easy; turns out it’s a bit complicated than that. I’m learning manual driving for starters. My instructor kept ticking the box next to “MORE PRACTICE”

I need to master:

  • Stop & Go procedures
  • Control of the Steering Wheel
  • Turning on corners

Actually, I was a bit confident on my first day of ride. My dad has been teaching me how to drive in our village (Read: peace and quiet, no passing cars, what so ever). I had no idea that during my formal driving lessons, I would be driving on a busy, noisy city! That was the biggest factor that’s why I kept on stepping on the brakes even without my teacher’s consent (much to his dismay).

To be fair, my instructors have been patient with me so far. I make sure I look good each time I have classes so that a smile will hopefully keep their cool 🙂

I’m enrolled at Smart Driving  School. My lessons start at 8am-9am daily, and 7-8am on Sundays. 10 hours for the whole course. Imagine the agony of pushing myself out of bed in the morning. You call that determination, I know right 🙂

But I won’t give up! I know I can do this! If my brother can do it, I know I can too haha!


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