We’re 1!

May 9, 2011 marks our First Year Anniversary. It was a Monday (so hectic!). Though nothing really grand happened, I must say it was totally eventful!

That was the first day my mom got admitted to the hospital for her medical procedure. Boyfriend and I were supposed to work throughout the day, and then have a quite dinner in the evening. But since I was asked to care of things, we just settled for a quick lunch at Joey Pepperoni. Although I enjoyed the meal, the food wasn’t really that impressive. It lacked a little more oomp… but the place was nice and cozy.

That Monday also marked the first day of the work week where we are supposed to launch a client’s website. I was literally rushing from morning to answer emails, to going out for the lunch date, and realizing I had to get a laptop bag because I needed to take home my computer to work from home. The P350-peso laptop bag from Cose at Walter Mart Makati was perfect for my need! After 1.5 hours, I’m back in the office finishing the rest of the site uploads.

By 5.30pm I went back to my apartment, packed my things, and to my surprise the boyfriend arrived to get something! So nice to see him once again before I headed off to my parent’s place!

He told me our anniversary seemed like any other ordinary day. Nothing really wrong daw about that. In fact, it just proved that we can make any day a special one by just being together.

I cannot agree more.


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