Why We Can’t be Parents Yet

Last weekend, I took my niece for a stroll in the Ayala Triangle Gardens (Ayala Park) in Makati. I brought her mom (my cousin) along just in case the little girl makes poop or anything bordering to emergency. Good thing the boyfriend tagged with us, so the wheeled-stroller became his responsibility.

Ayala Park has a nice rundown of restos for discerning foodies. We decided to have breakfast at BFAST (quite pricey for a tapsi!). And later in the afternoon at the Kanin Club.

Bigger servings, Tastier dishes.

Must Try: Sinangag-Sinigang Rice & Fried Stuffed Squid.

Both are good for 2 people. Yum!

I cannot count the number of times the baby almost bumped into the corners of the wood tables. I think I even slumped her legs onto the chairs. She’s 4 months and so getting stable on her back while sitting down is still in its early stages. There’s this particular moment she cried while sitting down on my lap. I couldn’t figure why. We gave her milk but still she was crying. When I held her up, I saw my necklace bling caught in her diaper. It was pressing against her soft legs! Poor baby.

The weather was a little too sunny for a baby stroll, so right after breakfast we headed to the malls. I offered to wheel her stroller. And this is how she looked when she saw me just do that:

I can’t blame her after that bling-stuck-in-my-leg incident.

The boyfriend decided it’s his role to push the stroller when crossing the streets. And this is how the baby reacted to that:

Deep inside she knew, there’s trouble brewing up. I mean she had to endure all that lunch-time sunshine. I bet if only she could scream she’d probably say, “Go take the cab you adults! It’s too hot in here!”

This was the part where we both realized we can’t be parents yet. The baby’s mother (she’s younger than me) even agreed to my mom’s advice of postponing any thoughts on settling down. “You’re still not ready for that, ate.” I KNOW, RIGHT!

Well raising a kid is totally something; an area of expertise not found anywhere in my resume. But I do looOoove kids! They’re so genuine and pure, and fun to be with. Making sure your kid grows up well is real delicate stuff. Just look at how you drove your parents mad.

This is us trying to enjoy the baby, while little Amelia isn’t at all amused.


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