Somewhere Old, with Someone New

Last weekend, my long-time wish came true. I finally returned to UPLB… this time with the man I love! WARNING: Mushiness overload! You see elbi is such an important and sentimental place for me that I cannot bring myself to just tag along another silly boyfriend, unless – I’m totally in love with him. Too cheesy! (And too sure again, Rom!)

After graduating in 2001, I think I only had 3 return trips to the university. So you can imagine the nostalgia last Sunday.

The place has changed a lot ever since I put down my books and rode my bus to the city. Men! It really looked different with so many new establishments. But the same laid back, semi-rural feel is intact. First stop: Lunch at a Thai Eatery at Demarses.

We ate some weird-tasting dumpling, but all is good when you’re in love. Nuf said.

Carabao Park, as the name suggests has blocks of semi-towering statues of Carabaos and farmers, hence the Agriculture-inclined University. In front of this park is my college building, the College of Development Communication. It was closed that day.

It was 3pm when we started walking inside the campus. Exhausting much. So he decided to sleep on my lap at some random bench there. Very cool.

Above, I can see the foliage covering the heat of the sun. I heart elbi skies.

Some photos of us at Freedom Park.

It’s family day today! I felt joy in my heart to see families having picnics and kids playing around on a fine weekend afternoon. Exactly the reason why I want to raise my kids here. You see elbi will bring you not only large doses of fresh air, but also quality education, fun and affordable summer workshops/lessons for kids, closeness to nature, and the substantially low cost of living. So nice.

Maganda din mag-date dito ang mag-dyowang estudyante: Thai Temple.

We heard mass by 5:30pm. We actually went here 5pm, too early. So I decided to get some cold treats.

Perfect after a hot, sunny day!

Revisiting an old place with someone new is like trying to bring in the past to the present. That’s not exactly bad especially if you have such a beautiful place like Los Banos. The only thing that saddens me a bit is he didn’t feel like settling here. I guess the slow rhythm is not for a Manila boy like him.

Nonetheless, I find last Sunday a wonderful homecoming with someone new.


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