iPhone for SEOs

What if there’s an iPhone for SEOs?

Or for Writers?

For Web Developers?

For Architects?

For Teachers?

What if there’s an iPhone for everyone?

iPhone for SEO

But for this article, I’m focusing on my dream “iPhone for SEOs”.  If there will be one in the future, I hope it has one of the following functionalities (yeah default apps you don’t need to buy):

The App on Search Trends

As precise and as real-time as the stats on stock market, I’d like to have an app which shows me the latest trends in search. Every morning, we see the ‘top most profitable’ keywords of the day: their search estimates, CPC bid estimates, competition, and so on. Much like Google Zeitgeist + Traffic Estimator + Keyword Suggestion Tool + related queries (long-tail). The best part? You can geo-target your results! So if businessmen can check out live the best stocks to invest in, we SEOs get to the best keywords to bid on while sipping coffee in the morning!

Your Rank Today

What if your iPhone can alert you whenever you hit on Google’s 1st page for your most important keywords? What if it has an app where you can enter the URLs of your various websites, then say include target search terms for each? And every time you wish to have a quick look on which site you’re winning and losing in terms of ranking, you can simply do it at a tap on your phone! You also get a clue when Google’s done something (algo change or whatever) when you get simultaneous drop or improvement in rankings across all your sites. Call it an efficient warning device.

SEO Tools App

By default, you have access to your choice of apps for keyword research, link building, social media, rank checking, and all the other metrics you go crazy about in search engine marketing. They should all be in one place, you just type in your website address.

Feeds: SEO Best Reads

Yes you have stored feeds to follow the latest posts of prominent SEO gurus and experts. You can add your own favorite SEO sites too!

SEO Calendar

How about a monthly or weekly automatic update on your calendar whenever a SEO or bloggers conference is in the works? You get first-hand information – and an exclusive invitation just for all iPhone-for-SEO owners. Yes, this is marketing. 🙂

Now someone has actually popped the bubble already and blogged about his top 5 SEO iPhone Apps.

In this time and age of personalization, and all other stuff drumming to the beat of custom marketing, you can’t go wrong with creating a product that fits several market niches. Not a case of a one-size-fits-all, but something that covers the needs of today’s variety of tech users.

Oh wait forgot to tell, I’m not an iPhone owner (yet). But I do believe my friends when they tell/show me the many myriad of functions this phone/internet browser/digicam/audio device/outfit diary(!) can do. With its high-end apps unique only to this Apple baby, the iPhone, if customized for people’s work/life needs, will surely be not just phenomenal – but legendary.



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