After snorkeling 2 weekends ago at Nagsasa Cove in Zambales, and keeping a community activity running under my sleeves every Sunday, I have decided to take the weekend for some down time. Yeba!

We all need that (I know, right!).

It’s just so rejuvenating to just have some quite time all to yourself. Usually, during down-timing I rush early to our home in Cavite. Nice to experience that fresh air Manila cannot offer.

I spend Saturday and Sunday mornings just lying around like a couch potato after a full breakfast mom cooked. Either starting up conversations with my little sisters like, “Hey, how’s school?” or “What have you been doing on Facebook?”. Nice to finally bond with them after a week and be able to realize how amazed they are of me (biased yes, I’m their big sister!).

Aside from family time, what I mostly look forward to when down-timing is having the chance to read inspirationals. Yeah, I know some do find them preachy – but I like the Kerygma set of inspirationals, and other books by Shepherds Voice Publications.

Currently I’m reading “Love Life” by George Gabriel.

These type of reads allow you to get a restart of your perspective, and have a grip of your balance after a crazy week at work. Also, it’s a good way of preparing your spiritual well-being before attending the Sunday mass. I know it’s a pity to realize that you have boxed God on weekends only, but thanks anyway that you have time to refocus and reflect. That is why I don’t get it why some companies require people to work on Saturdays. So damn hopeless.

With the weekend off, I come back refreshed and ready for the challenge again.

Down-timing is for upping your spirits. 🙂


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