Friday Fresh Photos: Wedding Photography

After some time, you get tired of looking at overly mushy and seriously-dramatic wedding pictures. I mean a wedding is supposed to be light and bliss, isn’t it? So I’d say quit the drama and go for the light-hearted, unconventional shots!

While it is obvious that my post assignment for this week is on wedding photography, I have decided to make a collection of wedding pictorials which I personally like. Works posted here are mostly from foreign photographers (i love aubreyjoyphotography)! Locally, I prefer Mimi + Karl, and Nelwin Uy ๐Ÿ™‚

What if your groom suddenly asks you to dance with him away from all the wedding crowd? Just you and him. Aren’t weddings meant to be that way?

Lovers in Paris. I can almost see hearts hovering above them!

You know your wedding pictures are great when they tell a little story.

How about walking the aisle in sneakers? Cool hot pink theme!

Vintage bridal cars always make a statement in photographs.

Don’t be afraid to show your love! I love how the Westerners are unafraid of unconventional weddings. Whether it’s a DIY, or a farm, or a unique vintage one… They’re not afraid to explore… and brave enough to face it if some guests would rather expect something grand and formal.

After all, your wedding is for you both – and not for your guests.

So let your wedding pictures scream, “It’s our day today!”

Just be in love and have fun ๐Ÿ™‚



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2 responses to “Friday Fresh Photos: Wedding Photography

  1. Carmela

    love it! =)

  2. Admin

    Wow.. love your blog… it seems your a person full of interesting stuff that for sure reader would learn more things… congrats and God bless you more so you could share lots of blessing to others… stay blessed and always be inspired ^^

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