Friday Fresh Photos: DIY Weddings

Before you confirm your suspicion that I simply do not have the creativity to think of a better-sounding blog title, lemme just tell you that yes, I am guilty of that 🙂 And since I don’t want to go through the trouble of creating yet another wedding niche blog that will surely go lifeless after 2-3 posts, I have decided to just post some of the freshest finds of me this week. After publishing my first ever wedding blog post, I am now a wedding blogger (shameless plug, yes!)

My favorites for the week are composed of DIY weddings! I can’t stop loving them. Aside from the fact that they make good budget controllers, do-it-yourself weddings are utterly unique. They inspire creativity and foster bonding time for the couple.

If you want to have a personal touch when it comes to itelling all your BFFs that they’ll soon be your bridesmaids, these cute people cut-outs all the way back from our kindergarten project – make perfect invites!  Check out how the final invitation looks like below:


Here’s how to do it from

Who says bridesmaids have to be in uniform gowns? Look at how this vintage-inspired wedding pulls off a different fashion statement: a variety of lacy, subdued tones for your bridesmaids’ dresses. Come in your own outfit!

Photos from the

Bridalbook features real weddings. This one comes from Josephine and Brian’s DIY wedding party. Check out the groom’s self-made boutonniere, and the chalk-written small blackboards serving as table cards. How creative!

And now, if you want to go all the way in your do-it-yourself-wedding-reception project, how about crafting your own jars of sweets to treat your wedding guests?

Photos and ideas courtesy of: (an Australian Countryside wedding)

And of course, if you are to launch a DIY project for your own wedding, you can’t miss out on the wedding invitation and the save-the-date cards. I love how this one brings out so much of the “feel-good” and “our-theme” touch. I’m sure my designer friends can do better than this. But this one looks really suitable for couples who love to travel.

Sourced from

The following set of pictures would be the pre-nuptial shots. Both couples opt to select their own outfits for their respective shoots. The first one below is a farm-style wedding… so laid-back and country-themed.

Pre-nup photos by

This one would be 2 pinoy couples in Singapore. Their pre-nup theme has something to do with graffiti wall paintings. Also very laid-back, but with some splash of bold colors. I like this particular picture of them below.

Spell t-e-n-d-e-r-n-e-s-s… with some art!

Pre-nup article featured in

So there goes my DIY wedding finds for this week. I don’t know if I can do this every week or so, but what the hell… i’m in love with the subject!


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