QLC episode 1: worried much?

I can’t believe QLC-ing has led me to return back to my blog (and change my header in polka dots 🙂 ).

Oh not another case of an impatient bride…

After reading quite a number of books about handling QLC and how-NOT-to-be an impatient bride, I am caught in this stage of a woman’s life where the pressure is stronger than thy logical thinking, hehe. I believe I do not exactly have super valid reasons to rush. The thing is almost all of my closest girl friends are either getting married, getting engaged, or having babies! Go check my Facebook feed, eck! I’m sure women in there mid to late 20’s have heard this rant a thousand times before over coffee and sleepovers. Pero totoo pala yun, ano? I feel like it’s inevitable and you can’t miss it like your monthly period unless the ovary has met a foreign visitor 😛

To be honest, I am still really not sure if I am ready for marriage and family life – what with all the responsibilities that come with it! But this certain phenomena that is taking over my carefree 20-ish life is pressuring me (wellnot to go ahead and propose to my bf – that’s crazy!), but to start thinking seriously.

That’s the issue, I guess… I do not like to think too much, too seriously.

I get bugged by this little voice inside of me saying: “Everybody’s levelling up! So you should start mapping out your life plans NOW!” And of course, if you have undergone discernment and is pretty sure you are for married life – it becomes even more stressful! Regardless if you’re single or with someone, you cannot force somebody to marry you at your own set deadline (unless he wants to, of course). But for most men I know when it comes to tying the knot, they know fully well that the ball is in their court – and we can only do something up to a point. Sorry, ladies.

worried to plan

But for me, I think my QLC lies on the line of worrying how am I supposed to prepare for the future. Although I am a routine person, and I like planning ahead, this kind of planning makes me feel queasy. It’s a bit uncomfortable counting the costs that it’ll take to picture out the perfect family life that I want. Oo na ambisyosa na’ko! But why not? If it’s for your children, it is just right that you seek only the best. It only becomes bad if it’s giving you too much anxiety you tend to worry much – WHICH IS WHAT THIS POST IS ALL ABOUT, BY THE WAY. Hehe.

So if you are in the same dilemma, would you kindly share your thoughts and advice on how to deal with it?

Comments are definitely appreciated 🙂


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