when something life-changing happens

I’m currently adjusting to this new thing. You know, this early phase in a relationship where you are struggling letting go of holding onto the habits you acquired when you were still single, and this unquenchable thirst to be with your new-found-love. Yes I know it sounds like another mush blog post, but I guarantee this isn’t what you think. I’ve talked this out with my girl friends, and they both agree that yes this is a normal stage in one’s life – and it is but not easy to ease into.

When I was still single I had my daily routine checked from sunrise to sun down, Mondays to Sundays. It was easier to have time for everything: prayer time, dressing up, office work, church, service meetings, coffee/dinner with the girls, shopping, dvd-me-time, rakets, reading, work out, family time, and sleeeeep! But now, everything seems to be a second priority. Yes, yes I know it’s not healthy and I’m starting to believe my lack of self-discipline. But hey, I must say I am just happy 🙂 (and this is just a stage isn’t?)

Back then I’d feel so accomplished with everything. It was a peaceful life. I had things within my hands. I am normally in control of my calendar. It’s so different now. What’s funny is that I cannot seem to recall a time when I was just as frantic as this during the early stages of my past relationships. I don’t know, maybe I was din. Pero now, I can honestly say I’m seeing a huge difference between my life before and what I’m doing now that we have a guy in the picture. I don’t know if this is a good thing, or not. Or maybe it’s just normal (justification there). Anyway, I am really hoping I can ease into this cloud 9 and still hold my ground. Remember Romela, you have work to do and responsibilities to take care of (i.e community life).

For some people, this new thing isn’t that life-changing. But for me, anything that alters my schedule is big deal. I’m that routine-obsessed!

While I dream of the time when me and the boyfriend will eventually get used to each others’ habits and finally move on with our individual lives while keeping the relationship, it is also fun to just relish the wonderful feeling you have at the beginning of things. I don’t like it when Barbra Streisand sings, “some good things never last.” That’s killin’ life ahead of me.

And lastly, I feel that somehow I need to get my steps back on track to Him that leads me (pasaway lang talaga ako). I’m praying I won’t be making the same mistakes. Faith is of utmost importance regardless of our circumstances in life. When I need direction and strength, it’s good to know that He is the way, the truth, and the life.


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