here’s how to kick off a a bad morning mood

I woke up well this morning. Really, it was a good sleep (because some-boyfie-body kissed me good night). The thing is, I woke up late!!! Well, what’s new romzkee, you’re institutional when it comes to long sleeping hours. Not only that, I happened to receive a nasty little text reminding me that my handy-dandy-most-essential-card-reader is still not in my possession! Don’t ask me why it hasn’t been returned yet. That is why I’m quite selfish in lending my gadgets. Either they don’t get returned complete and in good condition.. or they just don’t get returned at all. Pahirapan. Galit pa ang nanghiram.

Anyway, I don’t wanna dwell on the bad side of my morning. I compiled a list of 10 things to kick off a bad mood in the morning:

1. Just pause and try praying – yeah I know it’s so hard to pray when you’re going mad. But just to keep you sane, shout it out to God for you own sake!

2. Try a new hair style – I actually parted my hair a little farther from the middle “hati” so just I can see how the bangs will sweep through my forehead. It actually looks good, for a change. Me like it! 🙂

3. Don a Headband! – I figured my new look would complement a red little head band with a tiny heart accent. Looks cute. Takes away the blues instantly! (It sucks that I can’t post a pic of the headband… my card reader isn’t around!!! *back to her bad mood*)

4. Put on the aircon while dressing up – I remember turning it off around 6am, but I don’t wanna sweat it out while dressing up… so yes, I am expecting a vavavoom Meralco bill! I don’t exactly know though if this actually worsened the negative mood. Hehe.

5. Buy some sweets for breakfast – Brownies are my comfort food. I stopped by my favorite semi-cheapo bakeshop/coffee shop before hailing a cab so that I can start rewarding myself for at least trying to go to work despite waking up late. What a BRAT.

6. Dive into work immediately – Because my moods are acting up, I decided to put them into good use. I channeled my energy into work, work, work! Sucked up immediately to emails, reports, files, etc. Of course, it’ll help when you jot down the tasks first via Google’s to-do list first to get things organized. I must say it went well though. It made me feel good about myself. At least an ACCOMPLISHMENT, romzkee!

7. Join the FB thread with your favorite girl friends for some Friday Night Dinner – now that’s something! Every body needs some time to unwind and eat and make chismis. Presscon mmya! *I’m just not sure though if this will be a reality or D-R-A-W-I-N-G na naman!* I hope not.

8. Mcdo Lunch Rendezvous – what a perfect way to tame a hot afternoon sun by having lunch with your sweetie at our favorite date place… McDonald’s, no less! Hehe. *of course, I hate the fact that I couldn’t even snap a photo of us!!!* But the nice thing is, this guy doesn’t have to take me anywhere fancy. No need for big dates. It feels good whether we are at the: mall, bahay, movie house, church – kahit saan, as long as I am with him. *Ang tawag dito, TL!* And he bought me isaw na coated ng kwek-kwek flour on our way to Mcdo Ang babaw lang, rom! but it’s the sweetest thing 🙂

9. Proxies and Torrents! – I’m not being abusive here, but sometimes you’ve got to cheat the office IT guy!!! It’s your way to keep sane naman in the office. Everybody needs some downloaded music or movie paminsan-minsan. It’s not like I’m doing it everyday noh.

10. Read Patty Laurel’s Blog – this girl’s crazy writing makes my day! I laugh (deep-inside) because of her funny anecdotes, comparisons, and kengkoy lines sa blog posts nya. It’s so nice to meet a celebrity who’s so down-to-earth and funny in real life.

And just to replace the bad mood with mush, I’m posting the pic below (yes, nasakin pa ang card-reader ko ng mga panahong na-download ko ito)

kailangan talaga dalawa ang keyboard. Go go go!

PS: My apologies for the poor quality. I’m actually hiding from the church pews para hindi na naman ako magmukhang stage gelpren! I’m your number one fan, sweetie (ayan, hindi na napigilan) 🙂


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