Crunch Time: 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections

It’s such a chaotic time these days, what with Philippine presidentiables running with panic as the elections get closer and closer to date. The competition has dwindled down for the top 2 candidates now. In basketball they call this “crunch time” when players need to watch their guards yet must have the courage to take the crucial shots in the remaining minutes of the game. For the presidential candidates, it is the best time to 1.)Release all that campaign money to the max. 2.)Exhaust all possible issues to topple down each other’s reputation 3.)Run from north to south to smile, shake hands, and pursue the electorate. This is really crunch time.

I’d like to believe I already have my President in mind. But things can change from today up until the time I cast my vote. Given that this period is so crucial to the presidential aspirants, the voting public must be keen in observing how these men behave and conduct themselves during crunch time. Do they exhibit finesse? or do they just keep on berating one another? Do they show substance? or do they settle for motherhood statements and “kwela” jingles?

2010 Philippine Presidentiables: NoyNoy Aquino, JC De los Reyes (has already conceded in the race), Jamby Madrigal, Manny Villar, Gibo Teodoro, Dick Gordon, Erap Estrada, Eddie Villanueva, Nicanor Perlas

Let us look at their courses of action this time. Even if it is human nature to give in to “perceptive listening” (a concept that tells us we only hear what we want to listen to, thus filtering the message/s), we cannot afford to keep a biased disposition especially now. There are still important messages we’d have to consider as we see them campaign for their lives. This will tell you the kind of President that he will be like – when under pressure and public scrutiny.

Let’s seize these remaining moments before the elections. As we watch events unfold, the hope is that we get compelled to vote with our conscience, and not with some survey results and funny jingles.



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2 responses to “Crunch Time: 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections

  1. lester2k1

    Bakit naman “dwindled to the top 2”? Can’t we disregard surveys and just go with the Kepner-Tregoe matrix? I mean come on- we need to choose in a logical manner, and not get swayed by marketing glitz and razzle-dazzle. Just my 2cents.

  2. I think in the last part of this piece, I’ve said that we need to vote with our conscience, and not with some survey results. =)

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