27 Dresses in February :)

Why, hello there February! (and yes, hello dear blog. You must be covered with some dirty old dust here.)

I have  not blogged for a long time since life took a jump over things. There’s the unending series of community meetings, family life, work adjustments, and the incredible intruder who stole my digital camera in my condo unit! Tell me about it, January was indeed something. It was also the month when I finally spoke with the *crush*. Although I’m not so sure if it was a good thing after uncovering his rumored *game plan* hehe..

So much for that, I’m turning a new leaf this February. It’s like a brand new year again. It’s the love month. I kinda expected I would feel a bit lonesome this month but I figured this would be the first time in many years when I could spend February as a single, unattached girl. I’d like to believe it’s something like a new experience to look forward to. I’m giving myself the “27 Dresses” Rule this month. I know it should have been 28 but I’m wearing jeans today, Feb 1!

More than having a partner on Valentine’s Day, I think it’s equally nice to feel good about yourself by dressing up. All the single ladies is in my background, no doubt! I’ve compiled my list of things that will definitely make me happy this Feb. I’d like to share it with you:

  • Tomorrow, Feb 2 is the start of my 27 Dresses Rule – I can almost sense I won’t make it, but the goal makes me giddy. I might give myself some surprise after.
  • Feb 5 – there will be a big presscon by a good friend who recently got attached 🙂 Very happy for both of them!
  • I will be returning to Villamor. After the theft incident, I’d like to be in a much safer place where all my SFC friends live. It would make late night meetings less stressful for me, I’m sure.
  • Valentine’s Day the movie is coming out Feb 17 I think.
  • I’ll be watching “Dear John” finally! I’m done with the novel and boy, oh, boy – does it remind me of *David Garcia* hehe..
  • I have a date on Feb 14 or 15 with the SFC girl friends. It could be a movie with “Kimerald” haha!
  • DAVAO on Feb 18-22. I’m gonna be part of the web team for the SFC International Conference. Live Blogging, I tell yah…
  • Digicam – will you be there on February? Wish ko lang…
  • Someone told me I’ll be having a date with some nice account executive this month. I’d like that.

All these and more on February. So tell me, will I be missing out on something? Happiness they say, is and will always be a state of mind 🙂



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2 responses to “27 Dresses in February :)

  1. Hahaha! I like that ah 🙂
    Goodluck Sis. Nakakatakot talaga yun incident sa condo pero na-excite naman ako kasi mas madalas na tayo magkita sa mga meetings at gatherings ngayon friend (pahiram muna) 🙂
    So, see you sa Feb 14. Kasama na ko dun hahaha!
    And am thinking what to do para sa “love month” 😉

    Thanks kanina. God bless!

  2. Haha! As expected, hindi na naman ako nakapag dress today dahil sa inet! I’m just fooling myself with this 😀

    See yah Feb 14, it’s a date!

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