10 Ways to Stay Positive in 2010

Happy New Year everyone! Oh yes, it’s been 10 days since 2010 knocked on our doors, but just the same the new year-new life fever is still on. I have finally given up on my resolution (for 3 straight years already) to lose weight. I realized it is to no avail 🙂 And maybe, just maybe, the thing that fails me is the attitude. The same goes for many things in our lives, not just weight loss. We kinda trail off after some time because our attitude does not sustain us.

So anyway, this year my resolve is to be positive, stay positive! In everything, in any kind of mess I get in, I’ll try to see the brighter side and make my optimism come true *fingers crossed*. If I have that, I’m positive that the weight loss thing will turn out well, too.

If you’re a nega-star or a nega-holic, staying positive is just as challenging as a left-handed trying to write with his right hand. I realized, it will not just be timely but helpful to give out some tips on how to keep your pluses (+)  the whole year through.

Here are 10 Ways to Stay Positive in 2010

1. Forget about the things you can’t control

The thing that robs off our joy and hope is worry. I have learned that there are really so few things in life that we can control, ourselves included. The rest are out of our hands. Does it seem like a futile activity to keep on worrying about something you can’t really do anything about? Answer: YES. So quit the wrinkle-inducing thought, and believe that everything is being held by God’s loving hands. Hope for the best!

2. Focus on your goal

The power of goal-setting and ambition drives us to stay motivated. Think of the scenario when you are finally done with a long standing project. What relief and pride you would feel, isn’t it? Most of the time, what we set our hearts and minds into are the very things that keep us going. Also, remember to take note of your successes along the way, whether big or small.

3. Appreciate the moment

If you’re coming from a terrible breakup, of course you would be crazy if you feel appreciative of your current state. That would be such a tall order. But many times, we forget that moments just pass us by – whether they are good or bad. If you have a happy picture currently, savor and enjoy before the moment passes you by. If it is one that crushes your spirit, be comforted with the fact that its harsh fires will burn off after some time. Circumstances are always neutral. It’s how we deal with them that makes all the difference.

4. Choose your crowd

You don’t want to be stuck in a sea of misery all year, don’t you? So choose whom you hang out with! Research says that feelings are contagious. You can get the vibes of another person if you constantly spend time with him or her. Choose sunshines and rainbows. Bond with this crowd.

5. Spend more family time.

Have you ever noticed that after a weekend of family picnic, or whatever get-together you spend brings out the positive energy for Monday? Because we all in need of our base, our home – it’s where we recharge to face the world in the coming week.

6. Decide to keep on learning

New discoveries spur our minds to be active. The excitement of reading a new book, visiting a new place, or mastering a new skill can sustain our spirits to be on the move. Learning keeps the ball rolling. That makes boredom and procrastination to settle somewhere else. So decide to learn new things everyday.

7.  Stop comparing yourself with others

Regularly criticizing yourself is no good, especially if there’s another person in the picture. Sometimes I am guilty of this – trying to measure up as I check out what others have achieved, instead of feeling genuinely happy for them.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, think of how good the Lord is in blessing someone else’s life. From that point of view, you will begin to see the wonder in your own life brought by His hands.

8. Laugh often

Some of its Benefits:

  • Relieves stress
  • Contributes to skin-wellness
  • Attracts the opposite sex – now, don’t we all want that? 😀

9. Hold your Tongue

When you feel like saying the *F* word or whatever negative term you habitually say, hold it! Don’t let another let-down word upset your day or someone else’s. Even if we sometimes say things we don’t want out when provoked, try your best not to give in. Trust me, it’ll make you feel a lot better than when you cursed the world or something.

10. Count your Blessings

Finally, believe that a grateful heart attracts more blessings to come your way. When you are thankful for what you have regardless if these are big or small, plenty or few – counting one’s blessings makes you smile (admit it!) The best part is, the positive disposition powers the universe to conspire for you to make greater things happen in your life!

So keep the optimism burning and have an amazing 2010! It’ll be larger than you think.

I’m positive about that! 😀

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