What can you give this Christmas?

The holiday rush is growing like some forest fire these days. More and more people, after getting the sweet December 13th month pay are invading malls, tiangge’s, and divisoria for gift shopping.

I can bet someone you know just bought a new gadget? (I bought mine earlier in November :)).

With all these frantic mall walkathon’s and impossible traffic jams, I’m pretty sure the thought of your many inaanaks asking for their aguinaldos is stressing the hell out of you. Is this really all there is in gift-giving?

What could be more meaningful?

I’ve been a “happy” subscriber of GodWhispers.com and there is this one particular letter God sent to me:

You have a gift—a very special gift—to give to the world.
Don’t hold back,

And so it just hit me – that each one of us regardless of where we are coming from: from our political biases down to how much cash left in our Christmas bonuses, are given a precious gift that compels us to share to people.

We may or may not afford so much of this world but one thing is for sure: God has blessed us with something so uniquely ours that it can be really so sad if we deprive the world of that gift we can always give.

For some, they are yet in the journey of discovering this special gift. For others, it’s like a friend you’ve known your whole life.

But are you still holding it back?

The funny thing is:

When you give this special gift fully and unselfishly to the world, happiness and success will flow to your life like a rampaging river.

So put down those shopping bags and spare the credit card. There is something in you that is more precious to share.

What can you give this Christmas? 🙂


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