Glorious Wednesdays: Men Should Pray

I know, I know. I’m never faithful to “Glorious Wednesdays” (perhaps I need more Filipino bloggers to blog about their Christian faith so this section gets more active – and on time. Heh!)

Anyway, I had this once-in-a-while talk with my dad over the weekend. Well, it is not a spectacularly big talk, but rather a topic we never spoke of when I was growing up. It is a shame to find out that when I was still studying in college, my parents would always discourage me from getting into a relationship since I’m still in school. Now that the time is right, they have no other goal whatsoever for me but to GET A BOYFRIEND A.S.A.P! Well, I do understand their concern since ladies my age are either getting engaged or getting married (while some are getting preggy too!).  Here’s some excerpt of the conversation:

Dad: Baket kase parating “busy” ang YM status mo? Pano ka magkaka boypren nyan?

Me: LOL. eh busy eh. Tsaka may shortage daw ng mga lalake ngayon

Dad: Huh? Hindi ah

Me: Or siguro marami namang lalake dyan, pero konti lang ang “quality” men.

Dad: Marami dyan, pero hindi nga lahat karapat-dapat. Totoo yan.

I don’t know if I should feel better for dad’s confirmation of my “limited quality men theory”, or I just have to feel depressed all together now. Hehe 😀

So this takes me to a post by Bro. Jun Asis of

Men Should Pray

It is a delight to see men pray. Hulking, macho, baritone-voiced men putting their shields down to be one with the
Father. Strong, seasoned and firm leaders, hands clasped, eyes closed, kneeling.

Men have the special role, the primary task of praying for their community or family. Though every member should be praying for the group they belong to, it is the men who should be leading this charge.

It is a pity that women are more visible in churches. I enjoin you (if you are a husband) to take the lead to pray for your family alone, and with them. If you are a husband or woman, please pray for the men in your life to pray more.

–  (Adapted from the talk of Edwin S during our Men’s retreat)

  • If only more men would take up the lead in relationships and spiritual direction of the family and community;
  • if only more men would understand the special role God has entrusted them to take care of His flock;
  • if only more men would desire for God’s plan instead of “my plan” (same goes for women I think);
  • if only more men would choose girls like me (now, that’s just me flattering myself hehe!)
  • And if only more men would pray…

… then maybe, just maybe… women will not be so much on the side of the disadvantaged.



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2 responses to “Glorious Wednesdays: Men Should Pray

  1. The man is the head of the family, and he should be the one to lead his family’s spiritual journey. He should be a man after God’s own heart.

    So true, friend..

  2. No one could have said it better friend. Kaya dapat ang mga kalalakihan dyan mag grow up na! hehe 🙂

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