I was surprised to read the title above as the first line of an article written by Francis Kong. He said that while most life coaches teach that one has to learn to love his work – this isn’t necessarily true. What you need to love is the opportunity.

Yes, it’s the opportunity to be productive and working.

Appreciate with a grateful heart the goal of your job – may it be building people’s houses, healthcare, promoting good products, or in my case: bringing people to check on websites. The opportunity to be working and earning is a blessing we often tend to forget because of the daily wear-and-tear of our job’s demands. For all we know, there are hundreds of Filipinos out there who would gladly exchange places with us. As they say, opportunity comes rare these times.

So does it mean we should give up our dreams?

Personally, I know I am still seeking for that one mission in life that I wish to be translated into w-o-r-k. Everybody wants her dream job, who doesn’t anyway? But just like every thing in life, no job is perfect. And if the ideal one exists, it doesn’t come easy (or instantly). But then again, I do believe to stop pursuing it would be utmost hopeless.

So just appreciate wherever you are. Be glad of the opportunity to be doing something today. Embrace the motivation to do your current job so well, that you will not stay on it for too long. Growth comes when you support it.

Go and find ways to do your job better. Get the inspiration to continue learning and acquiring new skills. Love the opportunity you have now, and be very blessed soon!

“Because when my work turns into a dead end, you help me find the way.

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.”

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