Glorious Wednesdays: Shades of Gray

Moderation = Mediocrity = Sin.

I have to admit that one of my favorite sins is what I call the sin of moderation.  We often hear this in liquor ads, “Drink Moderately”. And unfortunately, this  brand of moderation we also tend to apply in our spiritual life. For one, I do  rush in my prayers (justifying that at least I prayed). Or I come to the Sunday  mass with the homily almost done (well, at least I went to church).

How about the classic case of keeping a few ball pens, or some sheets of bond  paper to take home from the office? When we do it moderately, does that mean  it is actually alright? I believe that moderation in sinning simply brings forth a mediocre kind of faith also.

This kind of sin is often more difficult to abstain from as compared to hard core murder, for example.

But the Lord invites us to realize that these “shades of gray” between good and bad should not bring us to despair. God didn’t give us a terribly long list of rules  to follow – so that He can punish us whenever we fall into the sin of moderation. But Christ has blessed us with the Holy Spirit – who helps us discern the will of God for ourselves and for others.

Glorious Wednesdays welcomes the Voices of Young People in Ministry with their post on Shades of Gray:

If all we have are a list of rules, guidelines and a kind of “faith police” to implement such rules, then we will be following Christ out of a sheer sense of duty and fear of punishment and reprisal. But God promised to write the laws in our hearts. With the Holy Spirit, Jesus enables us to enjoy the light.

Even in the midst of the shades of grey of our faith and our lives, the light of Jesus’ shines through. Haven’t you noticed, the sunrise and the sunset can be breathtaking as they show the shades of grey and the interaction of light and darkness. Even in the sunrise, in the sunset and late at night, the sun shines on us. Shades of grey even make the presence of light brighter and sharper.



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2 responses to “Glorious Wednesdays: Shades of Gray

  1. Swak na naman, friend! Ouch. Being “mediocre” has always been my problem. Buti nlng God’s love is not dependent on our actions. Kung sakali, matagal na sana nya ko tinalikuran. His grace is sufficient for his people.

    thank you for this reminder, friend! I pray that God will continue to polish our faith. 🙂

  2. Thank you friend for being ever supportive talaga haha!

    I pray too that you grow more in your faith, as well 🙂

    Ganito ba talaga pag friends? lol! 😀

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